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4 Essential TikTok SEO Tips that Every Marketer Should Know


Do you wish to learn the best TikTok SEO practices to be found by the right audience and grow your business?

If yes! You are at the right spot. This article aims at equipping you with the proper knowledge to increase discoverability and make your videos rank higher on TikTok. Marketers across the globe find TikTok to be an effective marketing tool. The platform has won the heart of marketers for two main reasons. The app’s ability to make videos go viral and its vast user base.

A study conducted by Hello Alice in partnership with TikTok revealed that many small businesses are considering using the app for the purpose of marketing. If you wish to succeed in marketing your business and service offerings organically on TikTok you need to publish rich and visually-striking content. Notably, many marketers leverage Trollishly to  make their well-crafted content reach a global audience. Now that we know a little about the app’s usefulness let’s first gain a basic understanding of TikTok SEO before diving deeper into it.

What Do You Mean by TikTok SEO?

TikTok SEO refers to engaging in practices to optimize your videos primarily to make them appear in search results and the “For You Page.” In short, if your videos appear in these two places, your target audience will be able to find you easily and engage with your content. 

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Why Should We Use TikTok SEO, and Is It Effective?

The TikTok SEO practices are proven effective in improving the ranking of your videos. Other vital reasons that necessitate the need to employ TikTok SEO are as follows:

  • The platform has introduced the auto-fill feature to enhance the user search experience.
  • TikTok has increased the character limit of the description section to accommodate more keywords.
  • TikTok’s algorithm reviews your content and identifies keywords to improve your video ranking.
  • The algorithm shows users videos based on the content they watch and the accounts they follow.

Hence, marketers need to keep the above factors in mind to optimize their content for SEO to rank higher and grab the attention of their target audience. Since we know the importance of TikTok SEO, let’s move ahead to the most exciting part of the article. Read more to learn more about the best SEO practices to win the marketing game.

4 Viable TikTok SEO Tips That Every Marketer Should Know:

TikTok partially plays the role of a search engine due to the features introduced to the app to improve the search experience. According to research data that Google shared, users use TikTok to find answers to their queries and to locate places. Keeping these facts in mind, let’s learn the best SEO practices to make your content appear in the search results and the FYP. The 4 effective SEO practices are as follows:

  1. Begin With Your Audience and Know Them Well:

Knowing your audience is the first step before you set out to do anything for them. Understand who they are, their age group, gender, the country they belong to, their preferences, and their pain points. Understanding your audience well will help you give them the best in everything. Be it the products you make and the content you publish for them on TikTok. 

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If you want the SEO practices you use to work in your favor, understanding your audience is necessary. The critical aspects that you need to examine if you wish to enhance the overall effectiveness of your TikTok SEO practices are as follows:

  • Identify the videos your audience engages with the most.
  • Watch out for the hashtags that they use frequently.
  • Analyze your comment section and the messages you receive from your audience.

Considering the aspects mentioned above will help you understand your audience better and enable you to publish the best possible content for them. 

Pro Tip: After understanding your audience and identifying their preferences, use the acquired knowledge to craft attention-grabbing content,  frame a catchy title and write a killer description. Moreover, most businesses leverage free tiktok likes generator to gain more engagement and win the trust of their audience.

  1. Use Trending Yet Relevant Hashtags:

The usage of hashtags is one of the critical areas of optimization. When using hashtags, ensure to use hashtags that are trending and relevant. Relevancy plays a significant role as far as TikTok is concerned.

If you wish to yield the best results, use long tail keywords (are highly specific and have 3 + words) and high volume keywords (keywords with high search volume). Using a combination of these two keywords for your videos will expose them to a larger audience. Especially, the audience who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

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Pro Tip: Use at least a maximum of 4 keywords as hashtags relevant to your chosen niche for best results. Also, head to TikTok’s Creative Center to find trending hashtags.

  1. Use a Popular TikTok Background Song:

A good background music enriches the user experience and prevents your audience from skipping your videos. Hence, add relevant and soothing background music to your video content to appeal to your users and pull their attention towards your brand.

Pro Tip: Visit TikTok’s Creative Center and tap on “Sounds” to find trending songs. Likewise, use the FYP to check out the audio that most of your competitors use, which is famous in your niche. 

  1. Add TikTok Videos to Your Business Blogs:

Using traditional SEO along with TikTok SEO only adds more power to your existing TikTok SEO practices. Blogs rank very well on Google search. Hence, ensure to embed your TikTok videos in your blogs that align well with the content of the articles you published. Embedding TikTok videos in blogs will help prompt your website visitors to visit your TikTok account as well. Finally, don’t miss out on exploring how to check who viewed your profile on TikTok and tune your marketing efforts in accordance with the results. 

Pro Tip:  Increasing your website’s traffic will help you get more leads and drive sales.

Final Thoughts:

Implementing the best TikTok SEO practices we have shared in this article will help you meet your marketing goals. Using TikTok SEO will help your videos rank well and also assist your audience to find you on the platform. Additionally, we recommend you use TikTok Analytics to help you determine the efficacy of your existing SEO strategies. 

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