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6 Easy Content Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Content marketing is one of the significant investments an organization can make. It improves traffic and generates high-quality leads, so it is not surprising to see why many companies use content marketing strategies. So we have take care of some of the content marketing mistakes.

Regrettably, so many businesses get it wrong. They get too many sales oriented, or they ignore SEO.

Do not let these six content marketing mistakes negatively affect your digital marketing strategy and ROI. Instead, read about these six mistakes that most businesses make daily.

Today, we will discuss the six common content writing mistakes that can cost businesses a considerable loss.

As per a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 92% of marketers believe that their company considers content marketing a business asset.

As a result, marketers need to ensure that they are doing everything possible to increase the ROI of their content marketing attempts.

However, content marketing does not come without any challenges. It is a vast market, which signifies little chance for missed opportunities or mistakes. Therefore, marketers must get it right to attain the best results.

Here’s a look at 6 of the most shared content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not curating re-usable content

You should not follow only a one-and-final approach when creating content.

Writing quality content needs a lot of resources and time- thus, marketers must look to increase the return on investment by curating content that they can reframe and post on various channels.

2. Not using enough data to build a content marketing strategy

Many organizations develop their editorial calendar by “thinking” topic ideas of blogs that they believe would be the right choice for their blogs.

It is known as the “see what sticks” way. People write down every blog topic idea that comes to their mind. Then they can add these ideas to their editorial calendar for the future year and start to publish content.

Sure, some of those ideas might turn out to be unique content. But unfortunately, most of them will not produce good results.


Mainly because this team did not have enough data to justify that their customers like reading about such topics.

3. Not focusing much on user-generated content

User-generated content refers to content that users create without any payment. That includes everything from videos and pictures to blog posts and reviews.

According to a study by Reevoo, nearly 70% of people trust images from customers like them instead of the images created by brands.

Marketers who avoid user-generated content are missing a huge opportunity to establish customer trust- not to say outsourcing content development to users can save marketers financial and time resources.  

4. Not implementing a content approval procedure

There’s more to curating content than constructing and publishing the perfect piece.

Before this happens, clients and teammates must review and approve the content you created. Following such a process in which peers review content plays an important role, as it ensures the approved material enhances every element and gets published at the right time.

Many marketers use spreadsheets or email to try and manage content approvals; however, relying on such methods can slow the team and affect client relationships.

It is simple to lose track of approvals and receive feedback at the right time to meet customer deadlines.

Marketers must ensure that they have a content approval procedure. They can curate a content review and approval template containing each step and time.

Advertisers can also use a content management platform to organize, approve, and publish content on time. In addition, the tool can track revisions and changes in one place and eliminate the need for messy spreadsheets and never-ending email chains.

5. Not writing by keeping your customers in mind

It is one of the common marketing mistakes that brands commit. Always write content for website or any blog by keeping your customers in mind. If not doing so, your customers will very soon disown you. Understand the needs of your customers, their difficulties, and what they require to solve their problems.

Discuss with them, or you can even conduct surveys if you must learn this information. However, curating content without this information equals inviting a disaster for yourself.

Also, you should draw a line between what you want to develop and what your customers want to know.

You could be a five-star chef who wants to make videos of your favorite recipes. But your customer may be looking for answers to simple questions.

6. Being too promotional

Is one of the biggest content marketing mistakes you should avoid. At the initial stage of your content journey, it is significant to understand the difference between marketing and content marketing.

One of the content marketing mistakes companies make is they become too promotional while writing content.

It turns your content marketing into advertising, which will waste your efforts.

At the core of content marketing, it is so effective because the reader gains all the value at no cost.

They get rare insights and essential information and benefit from industry experts’ understanding. In return, they only need to spend some time reading the content.

The moment your content starts sounding like an advertisement and you start publicizing your products and services, you are no more giving the reader the value they are looking for in your writing. 

Instead, they will feel you are trying to sell your products and services.

Content marketing has a scope of promotion, but it is not at the top or even in the middle. It is just the end. Why so? Because it comes after the value.  

After you gave the understanding, the reader has the option to leave or reward the company for sharing their knowledge free of cost.

You won’t be able to convert each reader into a customer. You can’t do the same with advertising, but the more informative content you create, the more loyal readers you will get, and there are high chances that they will become loyal customers.

Next time you write content, make sure you keep in mind these content marketing mistakes to avoid for better results. You will attain loyal customers.

Remember one thing. Things that work for other companies may not work equally for you. Therefore, you must test to check what works best for your brand.

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