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7 Easy Ways To Choose The Right Samsung LED TV For Your Room

Samsung LED TV price

If you consider purchasing a new LED TV for your home, there will never be a better moment than the present. Because there are so many different brands of LED TV available today, like Samsung, LG, Sony, MI, Realme, and many others, picking the proper one can be a little bit of a challenge. 

LED TV now boasts many terminologies that can easily confuse those who are not familiar with them. Samsung’s LED televisions are widely considered among the industry’s finest products due to their advanced features and Samsung LED TV price is also budget-friendly. When looking for a new LED TV from Samsung, there are a few things that you should keep in mind so that the purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible.

Listed below are seven easy ways to choose the right Samsung LED TV for your room:

Screen Size

The screen size is one of the most important things to consider when buying a Samsung LED TV. It depends very much on where you want to place it, the room size, and how many people will watch LED TV simultaneously. To calculate the approximate size of a screen, one can measure the distance from the TV to the bed, chair, or couch. You should opt for a 32-inch TV under 20000 if the distance between you and the TV is less than five feet.

A 43-inch screen is recommended if the distance between you and the screen is between 5 and 6 feet. It is also recommended that you choose a 46 or 50-inch set if you intend to view from 6-7 feet away. When the panel is more than 8 feet long, you may need a 50-inch or 55-inch panel. Keep in mind that larger screen size will increase the Samsung LED TV price.

HDR and screen resolution

Screen resolution refers to how many pixels are displayed on the screen. A higher resolution means more pixels, and the picture quality is better. As of now, one should not buy HD-ready LED smart TVs. Alternatively, if you have the budget, opt for Samsung 4K LED TV. It will result in a richer and more detailed appearance of the objects on the screen. Using technological advances, Samsung now offers 8K televisions, but if you want to get the most out of it, you would need 8K content.

Refresh Rate

Typically, a display’s refresh rate means how often it refreshes content per second. It is generally accepted that LED TVs under 20000 displays have a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, it is recommended that you look for a higher number if you buy a high-end Samsung LED TV. When your refresh rate is higher, your screen will work smoothly. It is not a must-have feature, but it is very important if you plan to play games or use the TV as a computer monitor.


When buying a Samsung LED TV, one of the things that are often overlooked is the audio quality. A general rule is to check the audio wattage before paying the Samsung LED TV price. To learn more about whether the audio of LED TV will be distorted at higher volumes, you must read the reviews or go to the store in person. Most expensive television sets are equipped with clear and loud audio, high-wattage speakers, and extras such as Dolby Audio and Surround Sound, as well as other features. However, most television sets are generally equipped with mediocre speakers, especially small models.

Apps, Software, and Other Features

A particular local brand LED TV model can have its proprietary operating system. Instead of Android, even though it has a “Smart TV” tag. The local brand LED TV may run some apps and also offer prices lower than the Samsung LED TV price, but it may not support Android features like Google Play, Assistant, voice control, etc. So, make sure that you check carefully to see if it’s an Android TV or not. If you want to know whether the user interface is fast enough or not. You can look at reviews on YouTube and Google before buying a LED TV.


It is also important to pay close attention to the number of ports on your Samsung LED TV as well as the Samsung LED TV price. If you want to connect a device, make sure you have at least four HDMI ports. This will ensure you won’t need to change connections every time you connect. There should be enough USB ports available on the device as well. It would be nice to have Bluetooth support and a 3.5mm jack on this device. 

Samsung TV must Be Universal remote Compatible

You must ensure that your Samsung smart TV should be compatible with the universal remote control. In the case of when you have lost or damaged your original Samsung smart TV remote control, you can simply use a third-party remote control after pairing or programming to the Samsung smart TV.

There is a lot of universal replacement remote control available with the Samsung smart TV. For example, you can simply program DirecTV universal remote to your Samsung smart TV using a specific code which is called DirecTV universal remote control codes. Not only the DirecTV remote control, but Samsung smart TV can also work with a wide range of universal remotes available in the markets such as GE remote control, RCA remote, one for all remote, Philips universal remote, Sofabaton U1 remote, etc.

You may think that what factor is here when selecting the LED Samsung TV for your home here. Yes, universal remotes do not work with Samsung smart TV distance between them is above 12 meters. So, your Room should not be a large room.

Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are one of the main revenue sources for many big electronics stores. The main reason is that they are badly needed, especially for a flat LCD panel. In Samsung TVs, most components include high resiliency and durability. Rather than getting an extended warranty for your TV, stick with what the Samsung manufacturer provides when you buy it.

Generally, every manufacturer of electronic devices offers a one-year warranty on new devices. Which may be adequate for all device buyers. There is also the option of extending the warranty from the manufacturer if you need to. In that case, the manufacturer will increase the Samsung LED TV price. The service might be a little more expensive. You will get guaranteed service and certified technicians.

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