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7 Stunning Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Big Day

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Not too long ago, wedding cakes almost looked like exquisite white desserts with various tiers and decorations. In any case, today’s couples are not simply picking wedding cakes like a red velvet wedding cake that are heavenly yet additionally complement the stylistic layout and theme of the wedding.

Generally, the wedding cake is shown in the center of the room, on a stage, or even on a swing to act as the center of attraction of the festivity. And that is the reason wedding cake designers exceed all expectations with their designs. Whether they’re making a towering 5-tier sugary treat or a small single-level cake, the consumable art piece is saying something and wowing guests. Hence, whether you decide to glaze your wedding cake with buttercream or fondant, there are a few design choices to consider! To pick your wedding cake, here are some most recent wedding cake ideas that you will cherish. Look at these 7 mouth-watering wedding cakes that make sure to wow!

Red Velvet Heart Cake

It’s a well-known fact that red velvet heart cakes are the ideal method for showing your loved one how much you love them. The rich and creamy treat made with layers of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting makes sure to make any romantic event special. So why not surprise your beloved with a tasty red velvet heart cake at your wedding?

Metallic Cakes

At this moment, the metallic trend is immense. From stationery to style, everything is captivating, and wedding cakes are no special case. While talking metallic, we aren’t alluding to the silver and gold classic colors, yet a more unpretentious yet stylish art-deco style. The most awesome aspect of metallic cakes is that they can adjust to any theme. If you have a green color theme for your wedding, you can pick a glittery green cake, etc. If a whole tier of metallic color feels like a lot for you, you can tone it by choosing a little glitter everywhere. Eatable sparkle is in, giving a magical look to your cake without being beyond overdone.

White on White Cakes

This one’s exemplary on purpose. It never becomes out of trend. Feel a plain white cake is ordinary and boring? Well, not quick. The most recent design trend for the exemplary white wedding cake is to adorn it with fascinating and complex details. Each tier is loaded up in white fondant or buttercream according to your choice. It is where things take a delightful turn. The all-white levels are spruced up with jewel decorations, ribbon weaving, quilted fondant, and sugar blossoms. You might take things up a mark by settling on contemporary shapes like hexagonal tiers or tiers of different levels, etc.

Naked Wedding Cake

Another basic wedding cake choice is to have a naked wedding cake. A cake made with icing between its layers permits the base and fixing to be the centerpiece, giving it a picturesque vibe. You can add an assortment to this cake design by consolidating various colors and flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch. Garnishments like new blossoms and a wonderful wedding topper can add the ideal last finishing details.

Fruity Cakes

Gone are the times when you wanted to adjust to a specific style of cake for weddings. Now, your selections are unlimited, and one of those choices comprises a relatively fruity punch. Layer your cakes with fresh winter berries and fruits to add a twist! Not exclusively will this option decorate your cake in the most lovely, beautiful way, but it likewise adds a touch of innovation, considering some fresh possibilities of the typical flower or fondant enhancements.

Hand Painted Cakes

There’s something else to wedding cakes besides white fondant. While cutting and molding fondant is a certain something, painting a cake is evidence of true cake creativity. These vivid cakes are detailed completely by hand with either food coloring or buttercream. In addition, their ideal for practically any wedding style. If you’re tossing a moderate celebration with an impartial color range, decide on tiers decorated exclusively with small painted vines. On the other hand, match your picturesque marriage’s sensational shades and tropical themes with a two-tier decorated with leaves and flamingos. Anything that the party, one thing is sure: A hand painted wedding cake will dazzle your guests!

Triple-tier Cakes

For a long time , older people have celebrated weddings with a unique cake. The wedding cakes are typically served at wedding parties following supper. According to old beliefs, wedding cakes carry good luck to the couple and all of the visitors. Then there arrives the king of all cakes – The Triple tier Cake! Three adoring layers of any flavor you pick is the essential ingredient, where two layers of conventionally chocolate fillings are delicately filled alongside delicious chocolate pieces. Triple-tier wedding anniversary cake is one of the best cakes.

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