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A Guide on 9 Sarees Colors to Wear During Navratri 2023’s Nine-Day-Event


Navratri, a vibrant and joyous festival celebrated across India, marks the triumph of good over evil and the worship of the divine feminine. This nine-day event is a time of vibrant festivities, traditional dance, and delicious food. One of the most exciting aspects of Navratri is the opportunity to wear colourful and eye-catching sarees. Choosing the right saree colors for each Navratri day is a tradition and a way to express your devotion and saree

Let us explore nine Saree Dress colors to wear during Navratri 2023 to express your devotion to Goddess Durga this Navratri:

Day 1: Royal Red

The first day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Shailaputri, who represents purity and strength. Red, symbolizing power and love, is the perfect colour to start the festival. You can opt for a royal red saree with golden accents or embroidery to feel royalty as you begin your Navratri celebrations.

Day 2: Mellow Yellow

On the second day, devotees honour Goddess Brahmacharini, who symbolizes peace and happiness. Yellow represents new beginnings and prosperity. You can wear a mellow yellow saree with intricate designs or motifs to brighten your day and set a cheerful tone for the festivities.

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Day 3: Glorious Green

The third day is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta, who is associated with bravery and grace. Green signifies growth and harmony. You can try for a glorious green saree dress, adorned with delicate patterns or sequins to channel your inner strength and elegance.

Day 4: Radiant Royal Blue

Goddess Kushmanda, the deity of creativity and intelligence, is revered on the fourth day of Navratri. Royal blue is the colour of inspiration and wisdom. You can pair a radiant royal blue saree with silver embellishments to feel intellectually empowered and creatively charged.

Day 5: Sunshine Orange

The fifth day celebrates Goddess Skandamata, the motherly figure representing purity and motherhood. Orange signifies enthusiasm and spiritual awakening. You can opt for a sunshine orange pure cotton saree with traditional motifs or zari work to evoke feelings of warmth and devotion.

Day 6: Lively Light Pink

Goddess Katyayani, the fierce warrior goddess, is honoured on the sixth day. Light pink, symbolizing love and compassion, is an ideal choice. You can drape a lively light pink saree with delicate embroidery or lace to bring out your softer side while being in the festive spirit.

Day 7: Passionate Purple

On the seventh day, devotees worship Goddess Kalratri, who symbolizes fearlessness and strength. Purple represents ambition and power. You can pick a passionate purple saree with bold designs or patterns to feel confident and fearless during the celebrations.

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Day 8: Serene White

Goddess Mahagauri, the epitome of purity and serenity, is the focus of the eighth day. White signifies simplicity and peace. You can choose for a serene white Pure Cotton Saree with intricate white-on-white embroidery or silver accents to feel spiritually connected and tranquil.

Day 9: Glittering Gold

The final day, also known as Mahanavami, is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri, who grants wishes and fulfilment. Gold, the colour of prosperity and success, is a perfect choice. You can go for a glittering gold saree with intricate designs to shine on this auspicious day.

Wrapping up:

Navratri is a special occasion to rejoice, dance, and honor the divine feminine energy. Selecting appropriate saree colors for each festival day boosts the festive atmosphere and helps you connect with the goddesses being worshipped. It’s important to note that while these colors are commonly associated with Navratri, you can always opt for hues that reflect your individual style and taste. Therefore, choose your favorite sarees and have a wonderful Navratri in 2023!

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