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A Guide To The High-Frequency Trading Strategy in Singapore


In recent years, high-frequency trading (HFT) has become increasingly popular among traders in Singapore. HFT involves using computers to trade stocks, options, futures, and other securities at very high speeds.

The appeal of HFT is that it can potentially generate large profits in a short period. However, it should be noted that HFT is a highly risky strategy and is not suitable for everyone. This article will provide an overview of the high-frequency trading strategy and discuss some of the risks involved.

What is High-Frequency Trading?

High-frequency trading is a type of algorithmic trading that uses high-speed computer systems to place orders on behalf of human traders. The orders are generated based on algorithms, which are sets of rules that determine when and how to trade.

HFT firms typically use high-speed connections to exchanges and use sophisticated software to make trading decisions. The goal of HFT is to profit from small price discrepancies in the market.

For example, an HFT firm might place a buy order for a stock that it believes is undervalued and simultaneously place a sell order for the same stock at a higher price. If the stock price rises, the HFT firm will profit from the difference between the two prices.

HFT firms often make hundreds or even thousands of trades per day. Because they are placing many such orders, they can potentially make a lot of money if even a tiny percentage of their trades are profitable.

How Does High-Frequency Trading Work?

HFT firms need to have access to high-speed computer systems and high-speed connections to exchanges to trade at high speeds. They also use sophisticated software that is designed to make trading decisions quickly.

The software used by HFT firms typically includes algorithms that automatically place orders based on certain conditions. For example, an algorithm might place a buy order when a stock price falls below a certain level or sell order when the stock price rises above a certain level.

In order to make money from HFT, firms need to be able to place their orders faster than other traders. This requires having access to high-speed connections and fast computers.

Benefits of High-Frequency Trading

HFT has been gaining popularity among traders and investors in Singapore due to its many benefits. 

Arbitrage Opportunities

HFT can help traders take advantage of arbitrage opportunities that may arise due to market inefficiencies. 

Profit from Small Price Movements

Secondly, HFT can allow traders to profit from small price movements that would be too difficult to predict or capitalize on. 

Reduce Transaction Costs

Finally, HFT can help traders reduce their transaction costs by using high-speed order execution and data feeds.

What are the Risks of High-Frequency Trading?

HFT is a high-risk strategy that can lead to significant losses if done incorrectly. Here are some of the risks involved in HFT:

Use of Sophisticated Software

HFT firms rely heavily on sophisticated software to make trading decisions. If this software fails or malfunctions, the firm could lose a lot of money.

High-Speed Trading

HFT firms need to trade very quickly to profit from minor price discrepancies. This can lead to trades being placed inadvertently or too late.

No Human Intervention

Because all the trading is done by computer, there is no human intervention to stop a trade from going bad. This could lead to significant losses if the trade goes against the HFT firm.

Increased Volatility

HFT can sometimes contribute to increased volatility in the markets. When there is high volatility, prices can move quickly, and investors can lose money.


There is always the risk of manipulation by HFT firms or other traders. If someone can manipulate the market in their favour, they can quickly make a lot of money.


While there are risks associated with any trading, HFT carries a higher level of risk than some other strategies. It is essential to understand these risks before deciding whether or not to use this strategy. New traders who want to trade options in Singapore can contact a reputable and experienced online broker from Saxo Bank.

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