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A High-Level CIVIVI Altus Review


While CIVIVI may be a relatively recent player in the field of pocket knives, they’ve made some waves with extremely popular models like the Elementum and Elementum II.

Another great CIVIVI pocket knife is the Altus. Here’s a quick overview of what the CIVIVI Altus offers and why you might want one.

Solid Ergonomics and Lock Type

The weight of the Altus will depend on what scale materials you choose but regardless it’s going to be in the area of 3 oz.

Ergonomics are basic but good, with nicely rounded scales and a mild choil that helps with grip and indexing. Closed length is 4.15”

The Altus is made with a smooth-as-silk caged ceramic ball bearing mechanism that only gets better with time, along with a button lock mechanism.

The button lock is not only easier to use than most other lock types, it is much more fidget friendly, and it is also a lot safer than conventional liner locks and frame locks because it keeps the user’s fingers out of the path of the blade when closing.

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Size is right in the middle ground. It has a 2.97” drop-point blade that opens via dual thumb studs, and has a bit of jimping along the spine to help with grip.

The size of the knife is ideal, making it perfect for EDC as it is neither too large to carry practically nor too small to be ineffective for a wide range of daily tasks.

Quality Blade Steel and Scale Materials

The CIVIVI Altus comes with several different scales materials, with the main ones being wood (Guibortia), G10, Micarta, and aluminum.

The CIVIVI Altus is made with two different blade steel options, either Damascus or Nitro-V. In the latter case, the alloy offers a lot of value.

Nitro-V steel is a high-carbon stainless alloy with a higher-than average concentration of vanadium and nitrogen (hence the name).

The addition of vanadium strengthens the blade, while nitrogen gives it superior corrosion resistance as well as hardness, improving edge retention substantially.

Carry It How You Like, Easy to Maintain

Another great thing about the CIVIVI Altus is that it’s easy to customize.

The knife’s pocket clip is configurable for tip-up carry, on either the right or left side. CIVIVI also sells replacement pocket clips, pocket clip screws, and pivot screws.

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Not a Fan of the CIVIVI Altus? Check Out These Alternatives

If you aren’t so hot on the Altus, worry not. There are a lot of other popular CIVIVI pocket knives where that came from. Consider any of the following as an alternative.

  • CIVIVI Elementum and Elementum II (available in several configurations)
  • Qubit
  • Mini Praxis
  • Baby Banter
  • Vision FG
  • Cogent
  • D-Art Neck Knife

Save on a CIVIVI Altus for Your Collection

Looking for a CIVIVI Altus or one of the other pocket knives mentioned here?

You can find a whole bunch of them online at White Mountain Knives at competitive prices, and also offers free shipping on orders in the United States.

Buy up while you still have the chance!

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