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A Step By Step Guide To Preparing For A Criminal Lawyer Consultation

Criminal Lawyer Consultation

Finding yourself accused of a crime can be a disorienting experience as the law can seem complex and difficult to navigate. That is why it is important to seek legal help from experienced lawyers who will have your best interests at heart. A lawyer will help you safeguard your rights throughout the process and help you know the best course of action to take to secure your freedom. 

Through their education, you will be able to know what to do in every step and their confidence will help you deal with the situation effectively. Good lawyers will give you a constant update on the case and talk to you on a one-on-one basis. While it might seem daunting to approach a criminal lawyer, there are many stages that they can help you with as discussed below:

1: The Occurrence of The Crime And Filing Charges: 

The occurrence of a crime is regarded to have happened when the crime is carried out. Although in some instances convictions may happen for thinking of a crime as conspiracy to for example commit theft if there is sufficient evidence to point to this. Once a crime has taken place, the police are usually informed of it by being on the scene and having probable cause to arrest you even without a warrant of arrest. 

 If the information is from an informant, police officers will launch an investigation and then obtain a warrant of arrest from the prosecutor for the suspected parties. The district attorney files the charges and once they are filed, you move from being a suspect to being a defendant. The case is largely a matter of public record and can be found by anyone who searches for it and filed charges can only be ended: by the state, the court, taking a plea deal, or by trial.

2. Arrest and bond:

Once a warrant of arrest is issued, the police will then go out and attempt to locate the defendant to arrest him or her. The warrant of arrest remains active until the arrest happens. During the process of arrest, the defendant is read the Miranda rights and should remember to use these rights and privileges to their advantage. A defendant is held in jail until their first court appearance but they may be allowed to post a bond of a certain reasonable amount under bond conditions. 

3. First court appearance: 

As part of safeguarding the rights of the defendant, they are required to make a first court appearance as early as the next day. Bond agreements will also outline set dates for court appearances. The purpose of the first appearance is to lay the groundwork for future court appearances, and you will not be required to plead guilty or not. Having reliable lawyers from Spodek Law Group will help make sure that you understand court procedure well enough and prepare adequately.  

4. Court procedure:

 The starting point for discovery obligations is usually the initial request. Spodek Law group lawyers representing you or your loved ones will request the state to produce the key pieces of evidence against you. They will then use discovery to attack the credibility of the provided evidence by looking at weaknesses and inconsistencies in the provided evidence. As the case builds up from preliminary examinations, filing a motion to take your case to trial for a final verdict, Spodek lawyers will be with you through it all, and with the excellent cloud-based record-keeping system ensure you are involved and updated on the court proceedings. After the verdict has been given, the lawyer will also help you know how to move forward best by either accepting the verdict or preparing for sentencing, taking a plea bargain, or moving a motion for a new trial. 


Whether you are innocent of the stated crimes and do not perceive the need for a lawyer or are guilty and also see no need for a lawyer, it is important to have a reliable lawyer speak on your behalf. This will make sure that your rights are upheld throughout the trial and that you are getting the best and fairest deals. Spodek Law group offers free 24-hour consultations for those accused of a crime because finances should never get in the way of justice.

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