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Activities To Explore After Summer Break In Dubai


Dubai is one of the fascinating places offering thousands of activities for both locals and visitors. From glittering malls to fresh dips in gorgeous pools, the city of gold has something for everyone. If you’re planning to visit Dubai, summer break is the ideal time. although it’s hot but indoor activities are here to amuse you. Enjoy hundreds of activities in Dubai keeping your fun quotient high. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting activities in Dubai during summer break.

Indoor Skydiving at iFly

Embark on an indoor skydiving adventure this summer! I Fly Dubai located in city centre Mirdif offering a simulated gravity-defying VR skydiving tour. If you’re visiting this place with your family, iFly is an ideal choice for you.  Once you’re geared up in a wind suit as well as protective goggles, feel the wind tunnel moving the air up as well as making you soar around like you’re flying in the sky. Along with this, the entire experience is exhilarating and charming for tourists. The facility takes care of you to ensure you’re comfortable all times. You are accompanied inside the tunnel and accompanied by an instructor helping you during pre-flight jitters.

Ski Dubai

One of the most exciting things to enjoy in Dubai with family is, Ski Dubai. Bask in the snow and have an encounter with penguins. Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort has ability to maintain the temperature to be -1 to 2 Celsius, means you can enjoy winter season all year round even in the hot summer.

Ski Dubai allow you enjoy Dubai in a unique way. Find the hub of entertainment once you enter the home of snow and ice. Ski Dubai comprises three sections with various themes and prices such as snow park, slope, and Penguins. It’s an amazing place to visit in Dubai during summer break.

Charter a yacht

Dubai is quite busy all year round, especially with the holidays getting closer. One of the best ways to avoid the hustle of the city is, hire a yacht and allow yourself view Dubai in a style. All you’ve to do is rent a yacht from trusted yacht rental Dubai, and unwind the beauty of this city from water. The summer break is the perfect time to bond with the kids. You’ll be assured to enjoy with full charm. Book a yacht, relish the scrumptious meal including local and international dishes, have fun with kids and indulge yourself in watersports.

With the hot winter weather, it can be quite easy to beat the heat. However, one of the best ways to stay healthy is, relax in the middle of the sea. Get a good dose peace and relaxation and reduce your stress. Rejuvenate the body so you can work even harder and better.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

If there’s need for an intense adventure for you and your family fir sinner vacations, Dubai parks and resorts is the best choice. Dubai parks and resorts allow you explore almost everything with your loved ones. Have fun with loads of sections according to your interest, no matter what their age is. Some of the interesting options are Legoland, Bollywood Parks, Lego Waterpark, as well as much more.  Visiting this family destination has it’s own charm, undoubtedly.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

If you really want sharks and penguins, give it a try and visit Dubai aquarium and underwater park for a lifetime adventure.  For 30 minutes you’ll get a chance to enjoy feeding sharks and getting close to them. Get help from the professional divers and see numerous other species of marine creatures. Kid love to feed the fish and play with the penguins. Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo is a super exhilarating experience to try with your family during a summer break.

Magic Planet

Test your bouncing and leaping skills by visiting the Gravity Trampoline Park. Enjoy a wide range of rides, video games as well as mind games at Magic Planet. Magic planet is best for the kids to play till they drop. Come and disconnect yourself from the outside while running, playing, jumping, in the comfort of air conditioning. Magic planet offers something different for all ages.

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