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All About Kevin Samuels: Bio, Career, Lifestyle, Controversies, And More


Kevin Roshon Samuels, an American YouTuber with more than one million subscribers, suddenly died on 5th May 2022. But the image consultant and social media influencer’s life is still in a buzz! He stole the spotlight when he was alive and continues to fizz the news even after his death.

Who was Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels was an American blogger whose YouTube channel flourished after some viral videos. And he also used to be a relationship adviser. There are still more than a million followers on his Instagram handle. He was born on 13th March 1965 in Oklahoma City. He was a cancer survivor and inspired many people through his social media handles as a motivational personality. And as a social media influencer, he worked in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

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Educational achievements

Kevin Samuels’ schooling was at Millwood High School. And later, he joined the University of Oklahoma to proceed with his career in chemical engineering. But he had to leave it midway before graduating as his health deteriorated due to cancer.

Style statement 

Kevin Samuels used to maintain a specific style statement. And it was another reason for him to bag an insane amount of followers on his social media handles! Being a man in his mid-fifties, he showed how clean and classic fashion can always be in trend. And he had a decent height (188 cm) which amplified his appearance in every photoshoot. We see him mostly in sharp suits and fabulous outfits. So, it discloses his fantastic dressing sense.

Details of personal life

Kevin Samuels’ personal life was a bit ambiguous. His marriages were short, and he had gone through two divorces! According to sources, his daughter’s identity is unavailable to the media. So, even being a relationship and dating adviser, he failed to prosper in his personal life! And his parents were also separated when he was a child. There is no information about his siblings. So, it suggests he was the only child of his parents. And he belonged to the African American community.

Career and controversies

Kevin Samuels’ career graph was interesting! In his initial days, he was in the marketing industry and later switched his career to an image consultant. Previously, he worked in the advertisement and marketing brand The Real Yellow Pages. His craftsmanship in utilizing people’s skills for personal branding was channelled into his later career. He became a dating expert or relationship adviser through his social media platforms and earned fame worldwide. And his fame drew a decent number of followers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and so on. To enlist the prime names of Kevin’s guests in his show, we must mention Nicki Minaj, Brittany Renner and Tommie Lee.

His advice about relationships was somehow helpful for people. But some women felt targeted by his controversial advice. Once, he called unmarried women over 35 years of age ‘leftovers’, which created an issue about his social image! Apart from his controversial records, he helped the black community to rise and shine! But still, some people point out him for humiliating black women and mark him as a misogynist. His image in social media always floats around controversies about his personal life or career.

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Kevin Samuels’ lifestyle was an interesting part of his bio. We have always seen him in luxurious and statement-worthy outfits. And it proves that he was a well-established social media influencer. When he started his YouTube career in 2016, he began creating content on fashion, toiletries and many more, apart from being a relationship guru. So this also suggests his love for a premium lifestyle. He was a man who earned well and also spent an affluent life! Moreover, he also owned a showroom called Life and Style by Kevin Samuels. It was an outcome of his passion for a premium lifestyle.

Net worth

Kevin Samuels’ net worth is pretty impressive. He held a net worth of around 3 million US dollars. And his property in Los Angeles is quite lavish. His social media posts also show how well-maintained he was in his professional and personal life. And he also owned many cars of top brands, including Rolls Royce.

Sudden death

Kevin Samuels died on 5th May 2022 suddenly. His fans on social media got shocked after his sudden demise. And then, we got to know his mother’s name when disclosed publicly after his death. Beverly Samuels-Burch, Kevin’s mother, informed the news sources she learned about her son’s death from social media only. Samuels’ neighbour called 911 after he complained about chest discomfort. Then the police arrived and found him dead.

Important facts at a glimpse

  • Kevin Samuels started his career in the marketing and advertising industry.
  • He turned into a YouTuber for his passion for discussing relationship-related issues. He also showed interest in fashion in his daily life.
  • His personal life was not transparent to the media. All we know is that he had two failed marriages! He dated many women but could not manage to continue any relationship for a longer time.
  • He was a remarkable person in the Black community in the United States. He came across many celebrities for his shows as a social media personality.
  • He was a businessman and owner of luxurious properties.
  • He died in his mid-fifties but still made the most of his life. He was a self-made person.

Concluding words

Kevin Samuels was an inspiring personality for many despite his controversies. His straightforward attitude on social media was not favourable for all, but he claimed success in every career stream he chose. Moreover, his dating theories were impactful, as stated by many followers. Even being an image consultant, he thrived in his personal life, gaining millions of net worth. This sharp-suited man was a remarkable person to represent the African American community. His glamorous lifestyle was the centre of interest for the media. He is still shining bright in his own galaxy! You can check his Facebook and YouTube, which exist even after his death.

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