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Best Camping Sites In Rishikesh



A small beautiful town in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state in India is full of sites to behold. This place is always abuzz with tourists due to the beautiful Himalayan terrain and the pristine Ganga River. Also known as the ‘yoga capital of India’, Rishikesh is a hub for pilgrimage and spiritual activities. No matter whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a yoga enthusiast, this town will have you fall in love with itself. Being rich in history, Rishikesh’s mention can be found back in the age of ancient epics like Ramayana. It is believed that even lord Rama came to Rishikesh for self-mortification after killing Ravana. That’s about ancient history. This town marks up its significance in modern history as well. The famous band The Beatles (probably your favourite too) came to Rishikesh back in 1968 to learn the art of transcendental meditation, a form of silent mantra meditation that helps cure anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in which they stayed was later renamed the Beatles ashram as this band composed about 48 songs here during their stay, giving it quite a lot of limelight though out the world. So, you see, this place has proven its healing magic from gods to your favourite celebs and that’s why we think it’s one of the aptest places for you to be camping with your family, friends or any of your loved ones.

Aspen Adventure camp

What is better than having your campsite in close proximity to the famous Neelkantha Mahadeva Temple. Aspen Adventure camp is located just 4 km away from this temple giving a beautiful view of towering hills and ravishing green forests of Rishikesh. This place provides 4-star rated accommodation facilities. Here you can avail yourself of excellent experiences of a furnished terrace beautifully decorated with green plants. The tents given to you will be encircling a large beautiful garden where you can have a soothing morning walk with your loved ones. The grassy carpet touching your feet will relax you and release all of your stress. This luxury camp will provide all these experiences at a reasonable cost of just INR 7000 for a two-room luxury tent.

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Camp Aqua Forest Rishikesh

One of the best camps in Rishikesh is Aqua Forest Camp known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. Located in the serene Shivpuri village of Rishikesh. Here you can get the thrilling experience of cliff climbing, rock climbing, trekking, and bungee jumping. Now, isn’t that tempting? Nature lovers can go for bird watching in the nearby famous Rajaji National Park. The serene garden of this camp is ideal for cycling, yoga and a peaceful meditation session. 

Green Ganga Adventure Camp

Green Ganga adventure camp is the perfect blend of nature and luxury. For adventure seekers and nature lovers, this camp provides one of the best experiences of outdoor activities and witnessing the vibrant scenic beauty. These outdoor activities include trekking sessions, bungy jumping, rafting and beautiful campfires. Having cosy rooms at this camp overlooking the lush green forest and the majestic mountains will elevate your spirit in an unexplainable way! And what makes it more suitable and one of the most sought campsites is its affordability. The starting price of this camp is just 4500 INR.

Aqua forest

Imagine camping over a cliff overlooking the famous Hyule River at a price of just INR 7000. Sounds fascinating, right?  This camp is located at a small distance of just 4 km from Neelkantha Mahadeva temple. making it very convenient for the guests as there are various places worth visiting in its proximity. From air-conditioned Swiss tents to witnessing the beautiful scenic beauty of lofty mountains.  Aqua Forest has everything that a nature lover can imagine experiencing on a de-stressing vacation. 

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Wild Hawk Adventure.

Another awesome campsite along the banks of River Huel is the Wild Hawk Adventure camp. Being the best camping ground for adventure enthusiasts, this place provides outdoor activities like waterfall trekking, jungle safari, bird watching, river rafting, trekking, rock climbing and many more. Situated amidst nature, this place is one of the best campsites to spend your vacation with your loved ones.

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