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Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers in 2022



Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers in 2022

In case you are looking for the best VPS hosting solution in 2022, we have you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the top VPS hosting services and the features they have to offer.

So regardless of your needs, we will help you find a web hosting provider who is most compatible with your business requirements. Check these out!

1. eukhost

Eukhost is the top web hosting service for VPS that is extremely budget-friendly, and at the same time offers the features along with resources that are compatible to fulfill all of your requirements. You can get maximum uptime of 99.9% so that you are accessible to your users whenever they want to visit your website.

You also get customer support round the clock which results in having an expert professional with loads of experience at your beck and call via different modes of communication including ticketing, emails, and calls. They observe your entire operation so that any issue can be detected beforehand and dealt with instead of taking you by surprise. Eukhost is known to offer smooth performance by implementing Intel Xeon processors. 

Eukhost offers a lot of storage and backup, so you don’t have to worry about falling prey to any disaster and losing your confidential data. You can retrieve your data in no time and resume normal functioning. Their incredible scalability means you will always have plenty of resources to add to your package if your requirements increase.

The operating system is also up to you to choose. So Windows or Linux, pick the one that is most compatible with your business. With root access, you can customize the whole framework to what suits your business needs. Their basic plan starts at the nominal price of £12.99 and includes 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 30 GB SSD storage. All of these features combined results in the best managed VPS hosting service in the UK. 

2. Fasthosts

Fasthost provides an extremely secure database center in Gloucester, UK that is under observation day and night. Its VPS hosting service operates on completely renewable energy and if the power ever fails, there is a backup power system to keep it up and functioning.

Without a doubt, FastHost gets a step up on the competitors by providing plans that are extremely budget-friendly. Its smallest plan starts at £5 per month. It includes 2GB RAM, 2vCPU, and 80GB SSD storage. Its highest plans offer 16GB RAM, 2-8 vCPUs, and 240 GB SSD storage. Along with the added benefits of bandwidth, you end up with a lot of power. 

You get 5GB backups, 99.99% uptime, 24/7 support through various means, SQL servers, and a Plesk control panel to help with DNS settings customization and database management. You can enjoy complete server admin access, along with the option to select Linux OS or Windows VPS hosting and an SSL certificate without any charge for a year.

Even though their costs are so affordable, to begin with, you can get your money back within a month if you don’t find their service compatible with your needs. Startups find FastHost to be incredibly budget-friendly. So do businesses that are still quite small. 

3. OVH cloud

OVH offers cloud VPS hosting services which are their most attractive package. It aids users that have the knowledge and the expertise, rather than those who are just starting out new. A Plesk license is available to you, along with a pick between two versions of the Window server including the 2012 and 2016 versions.

While they only offer unmanaged hosting, you can benefit from the range of features they provide. They offer simple navigation and management. It is simple to take care of increasing your resources, almond management of various other tasks. DDoS protection is another feature that can prove to be extremely advantageous. 

You can get an automated backup solution that is perfect for all of your web hosting needs at an affordable price. It has iron-clad protection from loss of data by keeping up to 3 backups. It is crucial for your safety especially if you have a huge server and amount of data to deal with. It provides plenty of beneficial features that can prove integral to your success.

4. Pickaweb

Being in the web hosting field for close to two decades has helped Pickaweb become one of the best VPS web hosting providers available. London holds all of its servers that are fortified with advanced security measures to protect them from all manmade and natural disasters.

Pickaweb helps you put together a website easily with the tools it offers. You do not require any kind of tech knowledge to do it. They provide the most optimal features at an affordable price. 

Pickaweb offers a maximum of 99.9% uptime, complete admin access along incredibly quick setup. You get to select between Windows VPS server versions 2019, 2016, and 2012 R2. They provide dedicated IP, SSL certificates with no added cost, scalability, and if you do not find the services compatible with your needs, you can get your money back within a month.

Customer support is 24/7 and can resolve all of your issues without any delay. You can enjoy RDP admin access which can help you customize the entire framework according to your needs. Pickaweb’s VPS server includes SSD disks and data centers that are Tier 3. Their basic plan starts at 25% off when you first sign on to their services, with 50 GB SSD storage, one IP address, 2GB RAM, and a single vCPU core.


VPS hosting is crucial for the ones who have a high functioning business with huge amounts of traffic and has a lot of needs. It also offers the perfect framework for those that need to customize their server to satisfy their unique requirements and completely control their resources without going over budget.

It is better to choose VPS hosting for startups as this type of web hosting can prove to be beneficial for their growing needs. VPS is basically a way to enjoy all of the features of dedicated hosting to check if you need a higher amount of resources and if you can handle its management as well.

Since selecting the perfect web hosting service is crucial for your success, you cannot go wrong with choosing from the VPS hosting providers mentioned above.

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CafePress Fined $500,000 For Poor Data Protection



data security

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered Resiled Pumpkin Entity, the former owner of personalized gift customization e-commerce platform CafePress, to pay a $500,000 fine for its role in a data breach affecting more than 23 million customers and other data security concerns Improper handling.

The Resiled Pumpkin Entity stored its customers’ Social Security numbers and password reset answers in plain text and retained the data longer than necessary, the consumer protection watchdog explained. The company also failed to apply effective protections and respond to security incidents. It also sought to cover up a major data breach caused by its sloppy security measures after its servers were compromised by multiple attacks.

According to the indictment, the data breach occurred in February 2019, when an unknown hacker exploited the company’s security glitch to gain access to:

Millions of weakly encrypted email addresses and passwords;

Millions of unencrypted names, physical addresses, and security questions and answers;

Over 180,000 unencrypted Social Security numbers;

Tens of thousands of credit card numbers and expiration dates.

Some of the above data was later found for sale on the dark web.

CafePress allegedly attempted to cover up the massive data breach and made no statement about the breach. Affected individuals were not notified until September 2019. The only indication of a problem at the time was letting users reset their passwords when logging in (no data breach mentioned). And, the company’s lax security measures still put many consumers at risk. For example, the company still allowed users to reset passwords on websites through security questions after the incident, information that had been stolen by hackers.

CafePress knew it had data security issues even before the 2019 data breach. According to the FTC’s complaint, the company has long since discovered that some of its store owners’ accounts have been compromised since at least January 2018. Instead of telling victims the truth, CafePress closed their accounts and charged everyone a $25 account closure fee.

Under the finalized order, in addition to paying a $500,000 fine, Resiled Pumpkin Entity and PlanetArt (the new owners of CAfePress) were also required to implement a comprehensive information security plan, including implementing multi-factor authentication, minimizing the collection and The amount of data retained, and all stored social security numbers are encrypted.

With frequent news stories about ransomware attacks and enterprises being targeted from all walks of life, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly critical problem for businesses to address. Regardless of your industry, you must protect your data. Only by keeping corporate data secure can we provide proper protection for consumers and ourselves, as well as assist the smooth operation of enterprises. Virtual machine backup is becoming one of the most used methods of data security. Because it is simple to use and economical, many organizations utilize VMware Backup to protect their data.

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8 Steps to Setup Multiple Screens Using HDMI Cable



8 Steps to Setup Multiple Screens Using HDMI Cable

Trading is all about correct timing and chart analysis. Isn’t it? So here one thing that we need the most is technology. Have you ever traded stock or an index but forgot to check the volatility. This led to a mistake and either you booked a loss or missed a better trade. You can easily solve these things by using a multi-screen setup. Not only does it increase the efficiency, but also helps to catch the correct stock at the correct price, no matter if you are going long or short on the market. 

Trading computers are one of the popular requirements for all the traders in the market right now. But to increase your win rate, you need multiple screens. Pro-traders have them for a reason. Right?  In this article, we will talk about 8 simple steps which you need to follow to create a 6 monitor setup using nothing but an HDMI cable. Simple. Neat. Affordable. Besides this, you can visit this site for more information regarding trading computers. FSo are you ready to transform your trading experience? Without any delay let’s begin! 

What are the steps to set up multiple screens using an HDMI cable?

Before talking about the steps to create a 6 monitor setup, let us briefly talk about an HDMI cable. As it stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, it helps to connect two digital devices. HDMI cable is perfect for the transmission of audiovisual content. So if you are using trading computers, then an HDMI cable is all that you need.

Besides HDMI cable, there are various other means to create a 6 monitor setup. However, in this article, we will specifically talk about the use of HDMI cables in creating a multiple-screen setup. 

Here we go!

Step 1

First of all, you have to check the ports on the computer and the monitor that you wish to connect. Here’s a catch! If your computer has a USB port or DVI port then you can use an HDMI adapter to connect it to the monitor.

Otherwise, all you need is 6 HDMI cables. One side of the cable will be connected to the display port of the graphic card and the other end to the monitor. 

Step 2

In the next step, you need to ensure that enough space is available for the 6 monitor setup. Moreover, the stands used to support these computers should be extremely strong and resistant. These stands should be capable of accommodating both vertical and horizontal orientations.

After creating the entire setup, let us move to the next step. 

Step 3

In the next step make sure that an electrical outlet is present near your 6 monitor setup. Now plug an extension cord into the power supply. Plug all 6 monitors and computers into the extension cord and ensure that there is a proper power supply.

Step 4

Once you are done with all the connections, switch on the computers. Make sure to power on all the computers. After reaching this step you are almost done with the major steps of this procedure. Let us take a look at the remaining steps.

Step 5

Right-click on any blank space on your desktop. You will get a list of options including one called “Display Settings”. Click on this option. Now you will reach the display settings page where you can make the required modifications.

Step 6

In this step, you can click the monitors on the display and arrange them according to the way they are arranged on the desk. You can arrange them in any direction you want which may be left to right or right to left. 

If you fail to see an image on all 6 monitors then click on “detect” to find out any discrepancy.

Step 7

Once you are satisfied with all the changes made, you have to click “apply” to successfully implement the changed settings displayed on the screen. 

Now let us move to the last step of creating a 6 monitor setup.

Step 8

In the last step, you can select any multi-display mode to make your work much more efficient and fast. You can duplicate these displays or extend them by dragging them from one monitor to another. You can also disable any of the monitors if you want to. 

If you follow all these steps with precision you can easily create a 6 monitor setup and make you a better trader. 

Perks of Using a Multiple Screen Setup

Your trading setup is very important in terms of financial gains and profitability. It can make or break your trade. 6 monitor setup will help in comparing multiple stocks at the same time or different stocks in different time frames. 

Let us take a look at the major benefits of using a 6 monitor setup!

  • Great time saver! You can use multiple programs at the same time without the need of switching between programs. 
  • Increases your productivity to much higher levels which fuels your forthcoming ventures.
  • To monitor all the activity on the trading charts and indicators which include watch lists and high volume stocks.
  • You can keep up with social media by keeping a monitor specifically displaying tweets or other important messages.
  • These multiple screen setups are very easy to use and you can save a lot of money by not buying the branded multiple screen setups.
  • It also helps to optimize the workspace available and makes the best use of the available space.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, a multiple-screen setup can be immensely useful for your work. Depending on your needs, you can have a 2, 4, or 6 monitor setup. More screens help you to do multiple things at the same time which keeps you ahead of other traders. Moreover, it helps you identify the most valuable stocks by simultaneous use of various programs.

In this article, we have connected the computers to the monitors using an HDMI cable. You can also use other means such as DVI cable or VGA cable depending on the port available.

That’s it for today. We will be back with another very interesting article in a short while. Hope this articlel helps. Thanks for reading!

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4 Reliable Internet Service Providers and Plans in Columbia, Missouri



Internet Service Providers

The internet is among the most basic utilities known to man. It makes it possible to enjoy commuting, shopping for groceries, communicating with friends, and even getting work done easily. As a result, people need to subscribe to the most reliable internet service available.

However, not all internet service providers can offer the high-speed internet service we desire. While all of them may claim to deliver on their promise, very few are successful in their claims. Thus, we thought to aid the people of a specific region in the United States i.e. Columbia, Missouri.

Discussed below are some of the finest internet service providers in Columbia, Missouri. Have a look at their amazing portfolios while we also tell you about the packages that you ought to subscribe to from them. Let’s get started:


First up is Mediacom Columbia Missouri, one of the finest internet service providers in the area. Since 1995, the service provider has been offering phenomenal internet speeds at highly reasonable rates.

With this internet service, you can hope to access download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps, provided that they are available in your area. Moreover, this internet service may come with a restricted monthly data allowance but even that goes as high as up to 6000 GBs, which is way more than sufficient.

If you are on a budget, you ought to consider the Internet 300 plan offered by Mediacom. It provides access to download speeds as high as up to 300 Mbps with an upload speed that is capped at 30 Mbps. Furthermore, it comes with a 2000 GB monthly data allowance and reliable in-home Wi-Fi for added convenience.


Next, you might want to consider the internet services offered by CenturyLink if you are in Columbia, Missouri. This internet service proves to be a great option if you dread the thought of limited monthly data. Luckily, all of CenturyLink’s internet plans come with unlimited monthly data allowances enabling subscribers to binge, stream, and surf, all day long.

The plan you should check out from this internet service provider is the Simply Unlimited Internet plan. It offers humble download speeds as high as up to 100 Mbps. Though, the upload speeds may not be as high as it is not a pure fiber-optic connection. You already know that it comes with an unlimited monthly data allowance, but you should be excited to also know that you can add further value to your CenturyLink subscription by combining it with a DIRECTV or DISH TV service.


Fortunately, for the people of Columbia, Missouri, cable and fiber-optic internet are not the only available options. People may also benefit from satellite internet technology available in the country.

In this regard, you can turn to the satellite internet services offered by HughesNet Internet. This internet service provider may not offer mind-boggling internet speeds like some of the others mentioned here, rather humble speeds that go as high as up 25 Mbps. Still, this makes for a great utility when there is no other internet service provider in sight.

However, one thing you should know about satellite internet is that it is greatly dependent upon the weather conditions outside. Since this technology does not rely on underlying cables or transmitting towers, the wireless signal that is transmitted via satellites tends to deteriorate in times of thunderstorms and blizzards. In such cases, you may experience slower speeds or lose connectivity altogether.


Last but not the least, Spectrum Internet cannot be ignored when mentioning internet service providers in Columbia, Missouri. The internet service provider offers a variety of benefits, all of which come with a reasonable price tag.

The plan you can subscribe to here, if you can spare a few extra bucks that is, is the Spectrum Internet® GIG plan that offers access to download speeds as high as 1000 Mbps and unlimited data allowance. Moreover, the service provider also gives access to dedicated Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots so that you do not lose connectivity on the go.

One great thing about this internet service provider is its Internet Assist plan program. Those households that qualify as low-income households may enjoy decent internet speeds at relatively cheaper rates from Spectrum Internet.

All Things Considered

There are a few other internet service providers as well that you can turn to in Columbia, Missouri. Though, for the time being, turning to any one of these is bound to offer access to high-speed internet.

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