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Beware! These 7 Things Kill Your Cell Phone Repair Business


As a phone repair store owner, there are several things you need to avoid for the growth of your business. First, we all know that a repair store can make you more than a million bucks in revenue these days. But you must remember that the people in business who succeeded in the phone repair industry avoid having unskilled technicians, not having a proper workflow, and not using software to manage their business. 

In this article, you’ll learn the top SEVEN things you need to avoid if you want to keep going to make your cell phone repair store a successful business using software for repair shop. Otherwise, you will have to face the circumstances, and soon your store will become a place no customer wants to visit. Following are the details.

  • Having Unskilled Technicians

One of the things that can destroy your cell phone repair shop is having unskilled technicians. Several phone users visit your store daily. Some want to replace their screens; others want to buy a new battery. And if your technician is not good at fixing that, you might face trouble.

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Always try to hire the best staff members, employees, and technicians who are good at doing their jobs even if they ask for more salary than your available budget. That additional salary or bonuses will ultimately be your profit as the customers would be happy with your service. And, they’ll undoubtedly tell their family and friends about your shop. 

  • Not using Technology

These days, running a phone repair business using manual methods to manage the processes is not worth it. For instance, you will not be able to keep track of your stock or your employee’s performance effectively. Consequently, you can face issues managing your shop’s processes, and your sales will decrease.

On the other hand, cell phone repair shop software can help you a lot in managing all the ongoing processes. Using this, you keep an eye on your inventory, employees’ performance, sales revenue, and marketing campaigns. And the software can be easily used by any of your staff members.

  • Trying to get Maximum Profit from a Single Sale

Don’t try to get a huge profit out of a single customer. If you think that instead of making $40, you can make $80 from him, you’re doing it wrong. 

To make customers loyal to your business, you should work on making them love how you treat them. Because once a customer finds out you are being unfair to them by overcharging, you’ll lose them for good.

  • Not Saving for the Rainy Days

Some business owners do not prepare for the worst days (Covid Pandemic, Fire) and then suffer whenever a disaster occurs. But the ones who save something for the rainy season don’t suffer much as they always have a fall back option for the worst scenarios. 

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In addition to savings, you should always have a plan B as the trends are changing with every passing day. And if you don’t modify your repair business that way, you might remain behind. 

  • Ineffective or No Marketing

Marketing or advertising your business is a great way to reach several customers. And it becomes even more crucial when we talk about the repair business as there are many competitors. If you want to grow your cell phone repair business, you must use software for repair shop

Marketing your business using technology costs you just a few bucks, but if you try to save that money, it costs your business’s reputation and growth. So, always dedicate a budget to advertising and marketing your business through the best available modes of marketing. And you can reach out to as many customers by promoting your store online on social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  

  • Not Providing Customers Good Service 

Have you ever heard of a repair store that gets shut down within a few years of opening? Yes, it happens when a business fails to retain its clients or make new customers. One of the reasons behind that is; not providing or giving your customers the service and attitude they desire. 

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Not asking the customer about their phone issues and the service they’re looking for is not in favor of your business. They’ll look for another repair service if you lack skilled technicians and a staff that cannot communicate better. So, hire your staff members based on their skill set and professional ethics. Also, ask them to take customer reviews using cell phone repair shop software.

  • Lack of Necessary Tools

It’s a common issue faced by most new cell phone repair stores. A person opening or launching a new business should always research it thoroughly. Or, it will not generate profit the way you wish for. And having all the necessary tools at your repair store is a no bargain. Without them, you won’t be able to repair the devices. 

Final Words

Owing a cell phone repair business can make you rich and can earn you a handsome amount of money if managed properly. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes so that you never face any crisis in your entrepreneurship career. Also, take a little help from technology by employing a phone repair shop POS software at your store, and you’ll see the difference in your revenue.

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