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Chris Potoski – A Biography Of The Life, Career, And Success Of An Influential Entrepreneur


Chris Potoski has continued to be regarded by many as a fascinating person because of his fantastic work and attitude. Coming from a lowly background and being raised by the state, he escaped the strangling grip of a difficult upbringing.

Despite his many civic and professional accomplishments, his wife’s work helped him get a more excellent personality. Yes, Brandi Love, also known as Tracey Lynne Livermore, is a well-known adult film star. However, that doesn’t bother our main character today, and he even started an adult film company to help support her.

Who is Chris Potoski?

Chris Potoski is an American businessman best known as the Founder and COO of Tracey Jordan Properties. He is the CEO and Founder of TJC Asset Management as well. Additionally, he is well-known for being the husband of the professional adult star Brandi Love.

The situation is almost always fascinating when related to someone in the adult business. Typically, people and the media criticize and question others’ choices, lifestyles, relationships, and much more.

So, has Chris Potoski experienced such a situation? Is it accurate to say that he supports his partner’s professional endeavors? In addition, how was it possible for them to meet in the first place? Learn about each of them and a few other facts about Chris Potoski in the following nuances.

In 1972, Chris Potoski was conceived in Raleigh, North Carolina. The State of Michigan closely monitored him in an office named Eagle Village throughout most of his middle and secondary education. At a meeting, he said he had fond memories of Eagle Village and the residents there.

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In addition to this, he is the center of attention since he is Brandi Love’s husband, an adult celebrity. The businessman noted that he fastened the top buttons when hanging his clothing. He said thinking about the Emig family or Reed City High School makes him smile.


Potoski was born in 1972, making him 51 years old in 2023. Potoski was born in the United States, although his exact arrival date has yet to be determined. Chris has always maintained his privacy regarding his early years and loved ones.


Potoski is a Kinesiology and Psychology double major. Chris applied to Ferris State University, but he was repeatedly turned down. At that moment, he relocated to Big Rapids, Michigan, where he resided in a rented room and was always on display at the affirmations office.

Potoski eventually gained acceptance to Ferris State but transferred to Central Michigan University, where he ultimately finished with a 3.8 GPA and a double degree in physiology and psychology.

Aside from Word Perfect and DOS, he received little formal training in innovation while in school. He was eligible for several prizes and understudy loans because his independent living status helped him pay for school. He worked virtually nonstop during the summer, more than full-time. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University and has Caucasian ancestry.

Business Background

Including all of the fields, Chris Potoski has worked in would be hard. One of the most important facets of his professional career has continued to be his commitment to the health industry. He began working for the Curative Health Services in 1995 and stayed there for almost five years. He has made many appearances in pornographic movies. In the late 1990s, he started working for the director of business development.

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His business, TJC Assets, was established in 2004. The organization in charge of maintaining digital data assets is a reputable digital media corporation. He founded Tracey Jordan Properties, one of Potoski’s most successful businesses. It is the proprietor of many luxury inns and resorts.

In 2004, Potoski launched a new business named No Rivals Media. However, it did not survive for very long. In 2008, it was closed. TJC is renowned for being the vice president of Regent Medical Solutions and the inventor of the Invixis Media System. He won multiple major accolades throughout his career for his excellent work and commercial acumen. Examples include Presidents (NHC), President’s Club (CURE), and others.

Career Background

Chris Potoski has received many President’s Club awards for his business success. In addition to succeeding in business, he auditioned for and was hired for the 2008 TV series Penn and Teller. In an episode titled “War on Porn,” he appeared close to his significant other. The numerous business owners are also computer enthusiasts with in-depth knowledge of PHP, HTML, and Java, and that’s just the beginning.

In January 1995. Chris began his career as the Director of Business Development at Curative Health Services. Additionally, he left in December 1999 after working there for just under five years.

After leaving the company, he soon joined National Healing Corporation and was appointed the temporary vice president of business growth. He also worked there for over five years until giving up in July 2005. The seasoned financial expert founded No Rivals Media and oversaw it from 2004 to 2008. He left the company in June 2004.

Married Life and Love

Chris and his longtime partner Tracey Lynn, sometimes known as Brandi Love, are blissfully married. On February 10, 1995, the pair announced their marriage after a period of dating. Only some individuals were invited since the union was conducted privately. The marriage’s exact date is thus a mystery.

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Chris and Brandi Love had their first daughter in 2000. Due to their affiliation with the adult film industry, the couple has kept their daughter’s identity a secret. Because of their occupation, Chris’ in-laws tried aborting Chris Potoski’s daughter to preserve her morality. Nothing potentially unsafe was discovered regarding the child’s immediate surroundings after a series of inquiries by the authorities. After that, the couple could keep and care for their daughter. 

Chris Potoski’s net worth

Chris established a massive fortune of over $10 million through his vast business empire and numerous other endeavors. His immense corporate empire is the source of his enormous net worth. Tracey has the power to handle the massive sum of $8,000,000.


Chris Potoski is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur who has succeeded dramatically in the adult industry. Even though he had many obstacles and disappointments at the beginning of his career, he persisted and eventually achieved success because of his diligence, tenacity, and creative thinking.

Chris has shown a remarkable ability to spot new trends and take advantage of recent trends via his work with organizations like Tracey Jordan Properties and his own business, the No Rivals Media Group. Additionally, he has shown a solid commitment to his team by treating them respectfully and giving them chances for professional development.


– Who are Chris and Brandi Love’s daughters?

The personal identity of Chris and Brandi’s daughter is not revealed due to the couples’ affiliation with the adult industry.

– What is Chris’s Wife Brandi Love’s net worth?

Brandi Love is among the highest-paid adult actors, with an estimated net worth of $8 million.

– What is Chris Potoski’s height?

The American businessman, Chris Potoski, is 175 cm tall, 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

– What is Brandi Love’s Age?

Brandi Love was born on 29 March 1973, which makes her 50 years old.

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