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Concealed Hinges: Explore their Functionality and Benefits


Hinges are a quintessential part of a door. From assisting in maintaining the door’s stability to enabling easy opening and closing, they help with all. Hinges have many uses, including access covers, gates, and doors. They might not appear important, but they have a major impact. Take a moment to appreciate the hinges that enable door opening the next time you do so. Overall, hinges are an essential component of door function and design. They might not be the most interesting component of a door, but they undoubtedly rank among the most crucial.

When the door or surface on which they are fixed is closed, a concealed hinge is a mechanical bearing that is fully hidden. Only after opening the surface or door will you see them. When the door or surface is shut, a concealed hinge, also known as a hidden hinge, is invisible. Continue with the blog to learn more details about door hinges functioning and how to install them correctly.

Different Types of Concealed Hinge

The two phrases most frequently used when describing concealed hinge specifications and cabinet door designs are overlay and reveal. These two parameters impact the cabinet doors’ overall position and look. The “overlay” refers to the percentage of the door’s edge covered by the cabinet or cabinet frame. The area of the cabinet’s edge or frame not covered by the door is designated by the reveal opposite the overlay.

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The various overlay determines the three primary categories of a concealed hinge and reveals percentages.

Complete Overlay Discreet Hinge

It’s not necessary for the door to entirely enclose the cabinet box for there to be a full overlay. Some designs allow for a certain amount of revelation. The mounting plate measurements are provided on the datasheet of most commercially available hinges, allowing for the required overlay and reveal.

Overlay in Half Discreet Hinge

Two cabinet doors with half-overlay hinges rest on top of the frame and come together in the middle. A partitioning wall or centre post, the cabinet component to which the hidden hinge is attached, is located where the two doors meet. You can open two doors simultaneously and not slam into one another because of the placement of the hidden hinges.

Hidden Inset Hinge

Cabinet panels or frame-mounted doors with inset concealed hinges are recessed. Thus, there is no overlay on the installation. In this style, the exterior face of the door is flush with the edge or outer surface of the cabinet box.

How Does a Hinge Operate?

Two items can rotate about one another around a rotation axis using a mechanical device called a hinge. The door hinge, used to fasten a door to a frame, is the most popular hinge. Two objects coupled to a hinge can move about one another because hinges function by rotating about an axis. The hinge’s internal or external axis might serve as the rotational axis.

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How Important is Installing the Hinges Correctly?

A door mounted on correctly installed hinges makes a huge impact. An improper installation of hinges will result in an extra load on the hinge bearings and early hinge failure. Additionally, the frame (jamb) must be square. A door correctly hung on the right hinges for the job and on a square frame will be simple to open and close and less likely to slam, which can harm the hinges over time. When placed correctly, hinges last for many years without experiencing any problems.

Steps to Installing a Hinge

Although installing hinges may look difficult, it is pretty easy. Simply follow these instructions, and your hinges will be installed quickly.

Pick the right types and the appropriate location. You must have the appropriate hinges for your door before you begin the hinge installation process. The most common designs are our barrel-type, full-surface, and half-mortise hinges. You can start the installation process when you have the appropriate size and kind of hinge. Putting the hinges in the proper place is the first step. Due to the optimal radial stress distribution, the hinges should be placed 6″ from the top and bottom of the door or gate.

The hinges must now be mounted after the hinge location has been determined. Drill and tap the hinge holes or weld the hinges to the door and frame. The hinge barrel temperature must not exceed 200 degrees F when the hinges are welded. The bearings could be harmed by overheating.

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Benefits of a Concealed Hinge

There are many!

  • For furniture, hidden hinges are a popular option. Other types of hinges might still be seen when furniture doors are open, but a concealed hinge doesn’t have this problem. 
  • A feature of a concealed hinge is that it can disappear when the door is closed. 
  • Installing a concealed hinge is simple. Many of them can be installed with just a few little screws. By inserting a few screws through the right hole and into the door and frame, you may install them.
  • Wide opening angles are offered by a concealed hinge that is available. They frequently hang from cabinets. Use this style of hidden hinge if you want a cabinet door to open widely.
  • A wide-angle concealed hinge can swing open at a broader angle than regular ones, yet they are still concealed when the door is closed. 
  • A concealed hinge is the best when you are particular about sounds and do not want your room’s doors and windows to be loud. You can never slam them! The slow-closing action prevents the sound and extends the life of the doors and window panes.
  • Install a tower bolt lock on your door to add to the ease. These are quick to open and close, besides providing added security.   


The concealed hinges come in a variety of designs. Most of these designs have a pin-joined knuckle and a pair of leaves. However, hidden hinges have a different style. They have a mounting frame, cup, and arm to conceal them when the door is closed.

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