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Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Space With an Opening Roof Pergola


If you are planning to expand your outdoor living and entertainment area, opening roof pergolas are a great option. With these roofs, you can control shade, light, and ventilation while ensuring rain protection in outdoor areas. Moreover, the stylish and functional opening louvre roof will enhance the look of your outdoor living space tenfold. 

Reap the Advantages of Opening Roof Pergolas

Opening roof pergolas are fully operational roofs that provide shelter and protection from any weather. The louvre blades of the opening roof pergolas rotate 180 degrees, letting you control conditions by opening and closing. If you want to brighten up the space without allowing harsh sunlight to enter, you can tilt the roof to let in the required amount of sunlight.

Why Install an Opening Roof Pergola?

Opening roof pergolas create additional living space for your home. The roofs will help you enjoy all kinds of weather. It will help you stay dry in rainy weather, cool on summer days, and warm on cold winter nights. 

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You can even adjust the protection and cover your pergola provides.

What is the Opening Roof Pergolas Built of?

These outdoor opening roof pergolas are made up of solid aluminium and stainless steel. The opening louvre roofs are long-lasting and require minimum upkeep. They won’t rust, making them durable in any weather conditions. However, the roof blades need to be retracted during heavy storms as they might get blown away by winds.

What are the Types of Opening Roof Pergolas One Can Choose?

There are mainly three types of opening roof pergolas available:

  1. Electric Louvre Roofs: You can operate such roofs with just a push of a button. If you have a big patio that needs a louvre roof, you can go for an electric louvre roof system. Its blades open and close using an electric motor.
  2. Manual Louvre Roofs: Manual louvre roofs are the best option if you have a small patio that needs a louvre roof. It comes with an internal pulley system, which helps adjust the blades. Manual louvre roofs are best if the design of the roof is simple and manageable. 
  3. Stationary Louvre Roofs:  These roofs feature fixed blades set at a certain angle. It provides all-weather resistance. These roofs come in an ultra-modern design, adding a sleek or contemporary look to the architectural design, especially if clubbed with outdoor accordion doors
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You must choose the right opening roof pergola for your house to enhance its overall aesthetics. It perfectly blends outdoor and indoor living to create an all-weather entertainment area that you can use to impress your guests.

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