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Cybersecurity: ThriveDX Tips For Breaking Into The Industry


Cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry that offers excellent opportunities for growth among qualified individuals, and ThriveDX wants to help. 

With an increasing number of people opting to utilize digital information and perform online transactions, the need for more robust and reliable internet and computing tools has escalated unsurprisingly. And for a good reason. 

In recent years, internet users have been exposed to data breaches and information leaks, costing the U.S. $9.44 million more than the global average of $4.35 million. Every attack exposes millions of individuals to risks such as identity theft, illegal information harvesting, and exposures compromising data and systems integrity. 

A career in cybersecurity allows an individual to use their skills and understanding of computers and systems to secure networks and resources, and create protocols to prevent digital and cyber breaches, whether these are malicious or not. 

The process is highly complex and requires specialized training and skills among professionals in the field. ThriveDX offers an insider’s view of the industry and what to expect.

Job Outlook

In 2021, there were over 1 million cybersecurity professionals, but over 700,000 jobs remained vacant. The industry outlook is optimistic because, according to the B.L.S. (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there is a 35% growth in employment in information security analytics until 2031. 

This growth projection is faster than the current projected rate of growth for other types of jobs in the U.S., which means that information security will remain one of the country’s most dynamic and desirable industries.

Requirements for the Job

Cybersecurity professionals perform different roles, so specific jobs’ training and skills requirements vary. Some jobs, such as entry-level positions, often do not require a degree or even a degree in computer technology or cybersecurity. 

Jobs with more advanced skill level requirements, however, will require a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree.

Getting Into the Industry

One can choose several paths to get into the cybersecurity industry. This will depend on one’s current skills, education, and preferred specialization. Here’s a look at several options.

No Experience or Switching Careers

Technical skills are required from someone who does not have a computer-related degree but wants to make the switch. These skills include:

  • Knowledge/training in the Linux OS
  • Excellent understanding of information systems
  • Knowledge in coding languages
  • Authentication
  • Risk assessment and management

Transitioning to Cybersecurity from Another IT Specialization

People who already work in IT can put their skills and training to good use should they decide to move to cybersecurity. 

IT professionals are typically familiar with tasks such as coding, working with data, and managing frameworks, information systems, and networks. Some of the essential skills to succeed in the field include:

  • Security operations
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Information assurance
  • Cryptography

Zero Technical Background

While individuals with technical backgrounds have an advantage over those who don’t, it is still possible for someone with no previous training in cybersecurity to join the industry. 

However, they still need good training to gain the skills required to contribute. Some of the most important technical skills that a person with no technical background must have include:

  • Knowledge of penetration testing
  • Knowledge of cloud security
  • Ability to perform digital forensics

In general, those who wish to start a career in cybersecurity should also develop specific critical soft skills, such as:

  • Communication skills, verbal and written
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork
  • Management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking

Learning the Right Skills

A picture of a group of students working together on ThriveDX cybersecurity training on their computers in a library

There are several ways to learn the mandatory skills necessary to make it in cybersecurity. 


With a wide range of free and paid resources online and offline, it is possible to start building skills in cybersecurity without enrolling in a college course. Many excellent sources of learning can be obtained from books, magazines, blogs, and videos. There are also websites that offer structured learning via courses taught by an instructor via video clips or live sessions.

Self-study is the best option for those who do not want to avoid the rigors of a college or university education and want the freedom of learning in their own time and at their own pace. It is also an affordable (or even free) option.


For individuals transitioning to a different career, obtaining a college degree may be the best option. Courses usually last for four years and will require some expenses. 

Some courses are more affordable if the student opts to earn credits online. While expensive and could take a few years, getting a college degree will help an individual gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. It could acquire the necessary skills through interactions with the instructor and other students.

Boot Camp

A coding boot camp is a good option for those who need more time or patience to earn a college degree. The training is generally short, taking 4 to 20 weeks to complete for full-time students and up to 12 months for part-time students. 

Boot camps are more affordable but offer an up-to-date curriculum that will prepare the individual for a career in the industry. Boot camps like those offered by ThriveDX are considered a reliable path for cybersecurity training because companies trust this option. 

A ThriveDX boot camp will require some expense, but with the type of training and exposure it offers, it is often worth it.

Why Cybersecurity is the Perfect Career for IT Professionals

Cybersecurity is an exciting field with a great job outlook and growth potential. It also has a tech skills gap requiring trained and skilled professionals. 

ThriveDX understands the critical role of good training in ensuring that cybersecurity professionals are fully equipped to keep individuals and companies safe from attacks and breaches. 

ThriveDX is the leading provider of cybersecurity training in the world, offering courses that improve digital skills among individuals in the industry. 

ThriveDX aims to provide the right platform for interested and talented individuals to develop themselves and become future leaders and movers who will create and sustain a safer and more reliable digital environment.

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