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What Is The Difference Between HITRUST And SOC 2?

What is the difference between HITRUST and SOC 2?

You must have trust in your organization’s data security processes and systems. Having them examine by an expert specialist is a fantastic place to start. Find out what your possibilities are. Data is now the primary asset of many companies; therefore, sharing it in any capacity could pose risks of a significant magnitude. System and Organization Controls SOC 2 and HITRUST certifications are recognize in a wide range to build confidence in your customers. What framework is the best for you? And what are the key differences?

What are SOC 2 and HITRUST?


SOC 2 Reports are intended to give clients or customers of service companies reasonable assurance that internal security and controls are accurately present and functioning efficiently. These reports will show the extent to which the service provider meets the AICPA’s ” description requirements benchmarks.” These guidelines are use to prepare and analyze an explanation of the organization’s systems in a SOC 2 examination.

Furthermore, The AICPA’s “trust standards for services” examine whether the controls on security and availability, the integrity of processing, and confidentiality were adequately design and implement efficiently over a long period.


The HITRUST CSF certifications are given by the HITRUST alliance, which was created to assist healthcare professionals in managing privacy and information security concerns. However, it has since been expand to cover various industries. The framework for reporting for the HITRUST certification is the CSF HITRUST Assurance Program and the validated HITRUST Assessment Report.

The HITRUST CSF was designed from various other authoritative standards, including ISO27001 NIST SP 800-53 and HIPAA, and is now incorporating more than 40 rules, standards and frameworks. The assessments to be use for HITRUST certifications are conducted by using the HITRUST tool, MyCSF.

What is the purpose of SOC 2 and HITRUST?


A SOC 2 contains the description criteria and five Trust Service Criteria. Its Trust Service Criteria for security, the standard criteria, is the only requirement among the five. The remaining four criteria should be include by the client and the customer’s needs of the service provider.


The nature of trust is determine by how an organization addresses specific technical, organizational, and regulatory inquiries. The respondents’ responses can be use to help define the scope and create a custom assessment base on specific requirement statements.

The HITRUST assessment requirements statements are divide into 19 domains design to match the standard structure of risks and security plans. One factor that affects the scope of your HITRUST assessment is the amount of health-related records your company can keep.

What are the results from SOC 2 as well as HITRUST?


Contrary to what many believe, SOC 2 is not an accreditation. SOC 2 can be describe as an independent audit report, which includes an opinion from a CPA firm. The statement may be qualified, unqualified, or adverse, like the financial audit opinion. An idea that is prepare may contain deviations or other anomalies note in the test results conduct by an auditor. This SOC 2 examination is typically undertaken annually and covers the entire scope of standards for trust services.


The outcome of a HITRUST Validated Assessment can be the certification that is the primary goal of most businesses, or just or just the Validated Assessment report. It is important to note that the HITRUST certificate is given through HITRUST and not by the external assessor company.

To be certified, an organization does not require a perfect score across all requirements. However, you must achieve an average score above an arbitrary threshold in every 19 domains. If scores fall below the thresholds on particular conditions, the need for a Corrective Action Plan may need to be record to close the problem and improve the score in the future.

Which one is the best fit for you?

The choice of an independent assessment to understand the risks you face and prove the effectiveness of your privacy and security practices is daunting. First, you must review your contractual conditions with your customers and clients to determine if an assessment is specific to the type in the contract. Think about your industry and the regulations you need to prove your compliance.

If you’re storing or processing health data electronically and data, HITRUST might be the most appropriate choice. If you are in a broad spectrum of industries. They are within a controlled drive, like financial institutions. The government agencies and organizations, then SOC 2 might be more suitable for your requirements. Both assessments come with different costs and levels of effort required, and it is, therefore, essential to consider your business’s size and budget.

What can we do to help?

 Suppose you’re only starting your journey on the SOC 2 or HITRUST pathway. Our assessment of readiness services will provide a clear picture of your current status. They offer a review of gaps that will help you attain the objectives of SOC 2 or the HITRUST standard.

Roguelogics is accredit by HITRUST as an External Assessor organization and has an expert team to guide you through each assessment step. We also have a highly talented SOC 2 staff who can help you through the process from beginning to end.

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