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Different Types of Bathroom Sinks to Complement Your Home’s Modern Interior


Sinks and wash basins are an integral part of washrooms that not only support functionality but also contribute to the aesthetics. Choosing the right type of sink bathroom for a modern home interior can be a bit tricky, but not so difficult. You just need to evaluate the different sink options that are available to you and choose one that fits your bathroom design and structure.

In your mission to find the most suitable sink for your bathroom, we are going to help! Today’s topic revolves around the different bathroom sink options that are a pure blend of modern style and elegance. So let’s delve into it! 

Top 7 Bathroom Sinks Suitable For Your Modern Home Interior 

Before choosing the right type of sink for the bathroom, there are several aspects that you need to consider. Otherwise, the sink addition could look like a total disaster, ruining the entire decoration and appearance of your washrooms. Here, we have curated a list of the best sinks that fit any modern washroom, whether big or small. Take a quick glance at them now! 

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Self-rimming Top Mount Sinks 

With super sleek rolled edges, the self-rimming sink bathroom is generally mounted from the top using mounting clips. This specific rim-encircling sink type adds a style statement to your washroom, especially if it has all-white walls and countertops. Available in different colors and shapes, pick the one that appears eye-catching to you.   

Vessel Sinks 

Over the years, the demand for vessel sinks has increased to a great, which is pretty obvious for sure. Widely regarded as the countertop sink basins, this particular sink type comes in a bowl-like shape and is placed on the counter’s surface. Generally, vessel sinks do not require an undermount installation.

Besides implementing a visual interest into your modern-styled washroom, the tall bowl-like structure of the sink prevents water from flapping on the counter. Vessel sinks are available in a wide range of styles and designs. For example, in case you are looking for a sink in copper finish to add life to your industrial washroom, vessel sinks are the one! 

Undermount Sinks 

In case your washroom has solid granite and marble countertop where you want to position your sink bathroomthe under-mount sink styles are your go-to choice! In this type of sink, the rim of the sink bowl is adjoined to the sink bottom, complementing the countertop and making the washroom appear wider and more elegant. You can find these under mount sinks in myriad shapes and styles that can blend with your custom washroom décor, creating a wow factor. 

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Wall-Mounted Sinks 

Wall-mounted sinks are the newest and most modern-styled sink basins that generally hang from the washroom walls. In case, your shower room has limited storage, the wall-mounted sinks are your matchless choice! To integrate this sink type, you would require concealing the plumbing connection behind the walls, otherwise, they would be visible, ruining the grace of your washroom.

Therefore, if you are willing to install this sink bathroom, plan it beforehand to make the job of hiding the plumbing connection behind the walls easier and smoother. Needless to mention, the wall-mounted sinks are well-known for their space-saving design and timeless charm, integrating a special character into your modern shower room interior.   

Console Sinks 

Another bathroom sink that is well-fitted for apparently smaller washrooms is a console sink. These types of sink basins are basically installed in a crisscross position between a pedestal and a wall-mounted structure.

Being sleek and less bulky, console sinks are great for making your bathroom appear bigger, airier, and more sophisticated. These sink types are generally available in wall-mounted and free-standing styles and mounted with metal frames. However, to mount console sinks in your washroom, you need a table with two legs to support the sink. 

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Vanity Sinks 

If you have a modern-styled washroom with a cabinet vanity, make sure to opt for a vanity sink bathroom to complement the architecture. With ample storage, vanity sinks let you place and organize all your shower gears elegantly. To increase the charm and appeal, you can choose to mount two integrated vanity sinks on the top of the laminated countertops. However, vanity sinks fit well with comparatively bigger bathrooms. 

Semi-Recessed Sinks

The last one we have on our list is semi-recessed sinks, molded with gorgeous slab stones and similar materials. You need to install such sinks in the middle of a countertop basin. To make the sink type pop, make sure the basin is also crafted with slab stones.

Final Words 

Hopefully, you have found the appropriate sink bathroom that can elevate the design, style, and overall grace of your washroom. All these sink types are available in different finishes, including blue, green, glass, gray, metallic colors, plain white, copper, beige, and so on! So, when choosing a sink, pay attention to the color and features of your washroom. Also, don’t forget to check the material, durability, and warranty of the products.

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