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10 Easily Achievable Career Goals To Work For In The UK

Throughout our lives, we try to figure out the things that need to be considered to reach a long-term career goal. However, the main thing that we don’t pay attention to is setting up a career goal.

Whether it’s short-term or long-term, we need to make sure that there is something we are supposed to achieve by the time we reach our thirties. It can be a degree or a skill, or even a startup. The goal is to have a GOAL! Although there is one more thing, before you do any of this, you must know the difference between both long-term and short-term career goals.

Therefore, before we get into the whole career ideas and plans, we must tell you, what differentiates them from each other.

What is a short-term career goal? 

Say, you are looking forward to getting a promotion, and to do that, you must set your focus on one thing. And that thing should be your work. It is hardly going to take three to six months for you to achieve your target. That is what we call, short-term career plans. However, it does not last long because you feel the need for a change at one point or another.

What is a long-term career goal?

Then comes long-term future goals. These plans usually take up to three to five years and in some cases more than that. For instance, a career change or setting up a business, or maybe a Ph.D. these goals are often known as milestones. Plus, you don’t just need time but you are also required to put in as much effort as you can to get to that particular point.

Now that we know the difference, we think it’s about time to move on to the actual thing and discuss your ten most attainable career plans. Shall we?

The most achievable plans for you!

Get yourself enrolled in a degree 

As they say, there is no specific age to educate yourself. The good thing about getting a degree is that it can be your long-term and short-term goals. It depends on you whether you want to enroll in a higher level or just want to go for certification. However, whatever course you choose, make sure it aligns with your ideas and other plans. If you want to become a personal statement writer, then you should take writing as your major.

Start freelancing 

This might seem risky if you are not willing to take a chance. But if you think you can leave your 9 to 5 job, this can be one of your ultimate achievable career goals. The good thing about freelancing is that you are not bound to anything or anyone. When you are working a 9 to 5 job, you don’t get time for yourself and the work-life balance becomes tough. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to switch to freelancing. By doing that, you can also get time to complete your degree.

A career change might help

This will take a while but sooner or later, you’ll understand that if your current job is not helping you then you surely need a career change. However, the case is the same with everyone. For some, it’s about a low pay scale; for others, it can be delayed promotion. These are the indications that it’s right time you choose whether you want to keep up with this job or should change it.

Start your business 

If you want to go after a long-lasting and long-term plan for your career, then there is nothing better than starting your business. Since it can take up to years, therefore, you gotta make sure you start early. This plan is durable, but by the time you reach 30 or 40, you’ll at least have a stable source of income.

Learn a new skill 

This can be anything from operating a machine or learning how to draw. It’s always good to have a backup plan or some extra skills. A person with no job might find it hard to survive but a skillful person would never. He or she always finds a way to work things out. Hence, if you think there is something that you are interested in, you must go for it.

Expand your network 

The next goal is to create a strong network. You may ask, why is that essential? Well, first of all, to grow your business in no time, you need to have a strong circle of professionals. It doesn’t only help you to build your business but also supports you in a career change.

Get a raise

So if you are not switching your job, your ultimate goal has to be raise in pay. Everyone knows that the biggest motivation in any job is your money. Therefore, make sure the amount you are earning is enough for your satisfaction and motivation.

Create your website 

Creating a website is just like starting a business but online. It takes the same amount of time and effort to be completely established as a personal statement writing service UK. Besides, it is one of the most effective ways to grow professionally.

Thought leader

Everyone is becoming an influencer these days; that is nothing different than becoming a thought leader. If you don’t know what thought leadership is, you should listen to Seth Godin, Greta Thunberg, and Elon Musk because they are also considered thought leaders in certain areas.

How about a podcast?

Last and certainly not least is launching your very own podcast. You do know that social media platforms are the best when you want to increase in everything. Be it your startups, business, popularity, and whatnot.


And that leads us to the end of this article. All of the things mentioned above can either be your long-term career goal or your short-term one. Because it depends on you and how you want it to be done. Just keep all the pros and cons in your mind before you choose your ultimate career goal!

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