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eCommerce Mobile Apps: Top Features to Boost User Engagement

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Digital transformation is shaping the world, delivering a better service to every sector. Be it online shopping or education; technology is making everything more accessible and efficient. This is the reason that people are more inclined toward online purchases. eCommerce platform has made it simple for all to get the shopping done. 

As a business owner, you must ponder on getting an eCommerce app to expand your services. When you offer your services via the mobile application, it tends to enhance user engagement. You are just one tap away from your potential customers with a mobile app. 

But what if you fail to create an engaging app because of some features? Well, if it is the case, here are some exciting features to app your eCommerce application to enhance sales. By contacting an eCommerce app development company, adding such features becomes an easy task to do. So, dive into the given information to understand how these features may help you to woo your customers via e-commerce applications. 

5 Top Features to Add to Your eCommerce App to Improve User Engagement

Quick Registration to Retain Users

There is nothing more annoying than a lengthy and complex registration process. While everyone wants to go through the app features, a simple registration never breaks the flow of using an app. Furthermore, it is a fact that no one wants to share their details. Thus, make the registration process easy with minimal information requirements. Demanding too much information can be a big turn-off for a user. By connecting with a mobile app development company, you can make the process simple yet engaging to enhance the user experience. 

Push Notifications

Since life has become hectic for everyone, there is no time to do anything other than work. However, the day seems short when it comes to working. Thanks to the push notification, it reminds a user to get things done. So, if you develop an eCommerce application, do not forget to add a push notification to your app. It not only pushes the users to purchase but also engages them to visit your app regularly. 

Moreover, informing users about upcoming sales and discounts becomes easy with push notifications. You can create creative push notifications to build brand value and stand out from the crowd. 

Multiple Payment Options

Generating leads and conversion through an eCommerce app doesn’t seem difficult. But the conversion might end in the middle if you have a poor payment gateway. For example, a user spent a couple of minutes browsing through your service and finalizing to purchase the product. But at the payment step, if they don’t get the payment interface of their choice, they might end up losing the sale. 

For online payments, people have become skeptical and rarely rely on a different payment method. So, to increase your sales, you must incorporate the safest payment gateway with multiple payment options. Any top mobile app development company can integrate a reliable payment gateway to make your app more secure. 

Social Media Integration

The most potent weapon in the world is social media. It can accelerate any emotion and feel across the globe. There is nothing else better than social media when it comes to marketing your product. Once you integrate social media platforms into your e-commerce application, you get several benefits. For instance, easy login through social media and sharing product details and discounts on their social media accounts. 

Rating and Feedback

It is the most prevalent myth that having feedback and rating options impact negatively on an eCommerce mobile app. However, when you look closely, you will get to know that receiving feedback from users gives you an option to improve your services. As you know, a happy customer promotes your service at no cost. 

Another feature is the rating option; it represents your brand value with a maximum of five stars. It is another way to gain trust and attract customers to your business. Try to achieve users’ ratings as much as possible by improving the services. 

In a Nutshell!

With every passing day, technology is getting advanced, raising the competition level. So, what should you need to keep up with the cut-throat competition? Well, always keep your app up to date with the latest features to be on the top. And to do so, associate with an eCommerce app development company. An experienced, dedicated company knows about the trends and integrates the feature to get popular swiftly.

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