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Essay Writing Skills That Make Essays Shine 


Everyone knows that soon it will be the season where the race to apply for your dream college begins. You have to win against many applicants for your favorite that will set your course for a successful life. But as crucial as they are, essays are equally demanding as well, especially if you have to write a winning essay. Even if you take essay writing help, it is always better to know what makes up for a good essay. 

Here are seven skills that you need to know before you write one: 

1. Adhering to the essay methodology  

There is no hard and fast rule that you should always follow specific guidelines, and if you do not, your piece of writing would not even be considered anything worthwhile. Still, the point here is that if you follow certain principles of essay writing, you will have a higher chance of impressing the readers, in this case, those who have to decide the status of your scholarship. So, trying and tested methods will come in the clutch because it will create a well-known flow.

2. Choice of Topic        

People often overlook how important this skill is when it comes to the decision that might set a course for a more fulfilled life. The topic of your choice will determine how passionate you are about your writing. The more dynamic your piece is, the more emotional it will be; the more vigorous it is, the more impressive it will tug on the readers’ heartstrings and impress them. Also, the topic you are more passionate about is the topic which you usually know more about. It is simple logic; what draws you towards itself will make you research more about that particular thing. So be cautious in choosing your topic. 

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3. Brainstorming 

You will have to be left with this skill to write a good and impressive essay. Brainstorming here is just not about what topic of choosing; it’s also about how to present that particular topic. Presentation matters a lot. Remember that they have tons of applications and essays coming to them regardless. They have to choose an application that stands out amongst others.  

You have to be creative in your presentation. You will have to brainstorm to create a hook for your essay that will keep the readers engaged and provide them with a unique point of view on the topic of your choice, something that had not come across before they picked your essay up in their hands.  

4. Balancing the golden triad 

If you are fond of writing essays, you must have heard of the following terms- ethos, pathos, and logos. These three are the modes of persuasion. If you look at it, when you are writing a scholarship, you are attempting a top-tier influence. You are genuinely persuading them to give you a scholarship and take care of your collegiate expenses, at least a part of them. Any good essay will balance the aspects mentioned earlier to persuade an audience or readers.  

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Building Ethos means building your reliability in front of your audience by invoking your own experiences and views around the topic.  

Logos is when you bring up facts and figures and back up your content with what your audience knows for a fact is accurate and can be trusted. 

Finally, invoking pathos appeals to the emotional quotient of your audience so that they are moved by what you have to put. This will set you up as someone reliable in the eyes of the audience.  

Every good essay writing help creates a delicate balance of these three, and you need to learn it.

5. The “Show, don’t tell” 

This is one of the trickiest, best, and most effective tricks of any writing. Be it a story, essay, or article, and to engage your readers in a way that invokes their emotions and engages them with the content, you have to ‘show’ them, not tell them. Writers of essay writing help always employ this trick to write an engaging essay.

The difference is simple, when you tell people things in your writing, it is hearsay, but if you ‘show’ them whatever you are trying to tell, they will feel it. It is a straightforward principle of visuals empowering words. 

This skill is a tough nut to crack, and not everyone can nail this home. But if you do, it guarantees your essay will stand out among the lot.  

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6. Selling themselves, but not overselling

We hope you do not take this in literal terms. Just do not go around slapping a price tag on yourself.  

Jokes apart, it is a fact that you somehow have to prove yourselves to be better than the rest. It is an analogy of people buying something in the market. When you buy a dress, you have many options. And you always select the one that appeals most to you.  

The same principle is at play here, and they will select the one who offers the most appealing set of overall personalities according to their criteria. In your essay, you have to be subtle in this. 

You will have to show them what you are capable of cleverly and, at the same time, refrain from being overt in your approach because it will tick them off the wrong way, and they might confuse it for baseless bragging and over-confidence. 

7. Proofreading 

You must ensure that your essay is concise yet comprehensive enough that it does not feel unfulfilled and half-hearted with incomplete points. You have to invoke a sense of satisfaction and intrigue that comes with it.  

Remember to read your essay repeatedly so you can make it the way you want it to be.

With the skills out of the way, if you feel you do not have the required time or skills to write an essay that will put you higher up on the pedestal of applicants, many websites can help. Websites like TutorBin have a student-friendly framework that enables you to have deft ways written by experts in the field with zero percent plagiarism and a commitment to deadline. 

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