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Fave App Starts Offering Cashback to Users in India

Fave App Starts Offering Cashback to Users in India

Fave app is a renowned name in the digital payment industry, as it offers excellent discounts and a user-friendly interface for seamless payments. It is the best UPI app for merchants, where they can list their brand and cover the online audience. Additionally, it benefits consumers equally as the best UPI app with cashback for every purchase. Thus, it is fair to say that Fave Pay is for everyone who wants to shop online and keep away from the stress of having cash by making online transactions. The app evolved rapidly in different countries and collaborated with the digital payment platform Google Pay to offer cashback and rewards to its consumers in all these locations. Let us introduce the Fave Pay app, how it works, and what users can expect from it.

Brief about Fave App

It is a renowned digital payment and online shopping app that helps businesses and consumers alike. They list multiple brands from food, pharmaceutical, grocery, and various other verticals on their platform, allowing them to fetch more sales. These brands can run their app-specific discounts to attract more customers and multiply their revenue. At the same time, customers can use the app as a one-stop shop to buy or order stuff and pay digitally. The cashback rewards that the app gives on each purchase are the added benefit. 

Fave App starts cashback in India.

The app is ready to benefit Indian consumers with its customer loyalty offerings to make UPI-based payments. They give assured rewards for each payment made through the app, and when this cashback gets clubbed with the brand-specific offers, users will get a significant discount on their total invoice value. Because of these perks, the app is likely to scale its user count to over 10 million. Furthermore, it aims to raise the merchant count to over 1 Lac in the coming years. The benefits that the customer gets by opting for this app are:

  • They get a discount on the total invoice value that allows them to shop more by paying less.
  • They can use the cashback points they get for their next order through the app. 
  • It keeps them away from the stress of carrying cash whenever they want to buy something or order something online. 
  • They can shop from multiple brands at the same time through the app. There are countless restaurants, hotels, and other businesses listed on the app. The user can filter them based on location and shop conveniently. 

As per the stats, a user can get up to 20% cashback on a transaction made through the app. This value is not fixed, but one sure thing is that users will get a reward on every purchase. This cashback can be redeemed on the next transaction made. The best part is that the app sends notifications about expiring cashback so that it doesn’t go waste! 

Benefits that the merchant gets

With Fave Pay starting cashback rewards for users in India, merchants are also likely to enjoy the benefits. It is also a highly profitable UPI app for merchants that helps them attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Some of the benefits that this move will give to merchants are as follows:

  • They get a platform that consumers use to shop for different products. It will multiply their chances of getting recognized and staying in the eye of the customer.
  • Merchants can offer app-specific discounts to get maximum customer attention and increase their chances of a sale. 
  • When the customer pays digitally, the accounting work of the business remains sorted, and they do not have to invest in appointing people to maintain transaction records.

It is fair to say that Fave Pay is the best UPI app with cashback that benefits the customer and the businesses alike. Moreover, the inclination of users towards the app and the plans it has for the Indian consumer makes it a fruitful option for digital payments. Therefore, every Indian consumer should download the app and start using it for making online transactions and enjoying excellent cashback rewards.

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