Thursday, December 7, 2023

Here’s How You Can Get a Lifetime Free Credit Card With Zero Fees


Credit cards are not just payment tools, they can help meet your lifestyle needs and meet your financial goals. However, credit cards come with certain fees, in the form of joining or maintenance charges. But these days, lifetime-free credit cards are becoming quite popular. lifetime free credit cards offer zero joining fees and zero annual fees, meaning you do not have to pay extra charges every year. 

This article will talk about how you can get a lifetime free credit card with zero fees.

Look for free credit cards

The first step is to look for credit cards that are free for a lifetime and ask for no joining fees. credit cards like the metal OneCard is one of the popular ones that is free for a lifetime. Not only this, but the card also comes with no hidden fees, making it the best fit for you. 

Build a Good Credit Score

Another way to get a lifetime credit card is to build a good credit score. If you have a credit score above 740, your chances of not paying an annual fee become high. Pay your bills on time and keep your credit utilisation ratio low to build a healthy credit history. 

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Negotiate with your financial institution

If you’re not able to acquire a credit card online, you can approach your financial institution for one. Although it is easier to apply for a credit card online, there is the possibility of rejection and even if your application is approved, you might be asked to pay the annual fees. In such a case, you can negotiate with your financial institution to waive the annual fees. If you have good relations with your issuer, they will waive the same.

A credit card that is free to use for a lifetime is the best one to use. Such a card must have zero sign-up fees, zero fees for redeeming reward points, zero fees for annual renewals, and other perks that make it worthy of use. Research well and find the one that matches your requirements well. 

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