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Gojek Clone In Kenya: The Ultimate Business Solution of 2022

gojek clone

Gojek Clone App in Kenya is the best on-demand multi-service app according to entrepreneurs because it offers something extremely unique that no other business does. From providing more than 82+ services to different features and attractive UI/UX, this multi-service app is an attention-catching platform. 

What else makes the on-demand app solution a blockbuster hit? Read through to know more. 

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Gojek Clone App is What Your Business Needs In Kenya

Why does your business need a Gojek-like app and why is it the ultimate solution for your business? 

  • Call features 

The mobile application allows easy communication between customers and providers. The in-built feature enables voice calling and video calling. Moreover, the VOIP-based calling feature keeps the phone number of both parties hidden. In short, no privacy issues occur here. 

  • Dispatch panel 

It helps in efficient booking and management of the services. Moreover, the dispatching of drivers is also taken care of through these panels. 

  • Refer and earn rewards 

Refer and earn is one of the most interesting services of the Gojek Clone app In Kenya. Here, the customers can share their referral codes and invite their friends and family to use the application. 

If one of the invited people books their first service through the app, the customer gets a monetary reward! 

  • Schedule the services 

This feature allows the customer to schedule the services according to their preferred date and time. The service schedule feature has allowed the customers to sit back and relax even if they don’t have the time because they can still schedule and avail of the services. 

  • In-app push notifications 

The app notifies the user about the progress or change in the status of their order. These graphically-represented push notifications enable customers to stay updated with the progress. Moreover, customers need not open and login into the app again and again to check the status. 

  • Choose the preferred vehicle type 

Select the preferred vehicle type according to the budget and the price. For instance, taxi riders can easily pick one of the suitable options between basic, normal, or luxurious rides. Gojek Clone app In Kenya also has a trip fare estimator to calculate the price of the taxi rides. 

  • Live vehicle tracking 

Your customers can track the vehicles on the in-built map. Live tracking is necessary for the customers to keep a tab on the location of the providers. In addition, the customers can also view the estimated time of arrival on the map itself. 

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What Else Makes a Gojek-like App Worth Your Investment In Kenya? 

Besides attractive features that make availing of the services more convenient and comfortable, the app also offers several other reasons to invest in them! 

  • It is pre-built 

The app is pre-built which means you don’t have to worry about building the app from scratch. The white-labeling firm has already designed, coded, and tested the application so that entrepreneurs need not build it from ground zero. 

  • Quick to launch 

Developing and launching a pre-built application takes only 1 to 2 weeks. In short, you don’t have to wait 7 to 8 years to launch the multi-service mobile app. 

  • Affordable 

Gojek Clone App In Kenya is affordable because the entire solution is pre-built. Therefore, it eliminates the need of spending on buying or renting the office, purchasing expensive software licenses, hiring and retaining employees, etc. 

In conclusion: 

Launch the Gojek Clone App In Kenya today and enjoy the benefits of raking in humongous profits, becoming successful, and ruling the on-demand industry. Start looking for a white-labeling firm that can help you build the most perfect solution for your business

Take the right step today and become an entrepreneur in 1 to 2 weeks.

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