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Guide For Golden Visa In UAE


The golden visa UAE is one of the most popular visa types that you can apply for today. The golden visa for UAE is the type of visa that can provide you long term residency rights in any city in UAE. Now you must know that the golden visa plan is reserved for different kinds of categories. Now there are different kinds of benefits and advantages that you can enjoy in the UAE if you have a golden visa. Here in this post, we have thrown some light on the popular benefits you can get.

Golden Visa UAE benefits and advantages for foreigners

Some of the most popular advantages of golden visas are mentioned here. Instead of thinking, what is the UAE golden visa? We would like you to know about its benefits:

  • You would get multiple entry visas for UAE if you have a golden visa. You would be issued a UAE immigration permit as well.
  • The golden visa is valid for ten years and so you don’t have to worry about getting it renewed every month or year. After the golden visa UAE expires you can easily get it renewed from the official United Arab Emirates website. 
  • You can easily sponsor your family if you have a golden visa in UAE. Not only you can invite your family members but you can also get domestic help from your country of residence.
  • You can stay out of the UAE as long as you want if you have the golden visa application accepted. Your visa would not be nullified.
  • You can also allow your family members to stay in the UAE until your visa expires.

Categories of people who can get the golden visa UAE

Here are some of the people who can get the golden visa easily in UAE:

  • Investors who have invested in public funds
  • Real estate investors 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People with special talents and educational degrees
  • Creative people who are masters in arts and culture
  • Professional sports people can also get the golden visa
  • PHD holders can easily get a golden visa 
  • Retired officers and army generals can also get a golden visa in UAE
  • Students studying in UAE can also get this visa


The cost of a golden visa in the UAE is dependent on the visa category. On average the cost of a golden visa lies between AED 3000 to 4000. People who apply from foreign countries might have to pay a fee of up to 5k AED. The united ARAB emirate visa application for golden visa can be obtained from the embassy or you can also download it online.

To get this kind of visa you need to fill out the application with accurate information and provide all documents that are listed in the application. Once you complete the documents and pay the visa fee you need to submit it with the embassy and wait for the process to be complete.  You can fly to the UAE immediately after your visa is accepted.

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