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HealthTap: The Place That Lets You See A Doctor In Minutes

When you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is wait around for hours at the doctor’s office. Thankfully, there’s HealthTap—a website that lets you consult with a doctor in minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about this convenient service.

How Does HealthTap Work?

Now that we’ve answered the question “what is HealthTap?” let’s dive deeper into how it works. HealthTap allows you to have a virtual consultation with a doctor via text, audio, or video chat. And because HealthTap doctors are available 24/7, you can get the care you need whenever it’s convenient.

In addition to being able to consult with a doctor virtually, HealthTap also provides users access to a wealth of health-related information. With HealthTap’s 90,000 doctors, you can search for specific doctors or ask general health questions.

How Much Does HealthTap Cost?

One of the best things about HealthTap is that it’s free to sign up for and use. However, if you want to consult with a doctor via video chat, you’ll need to pay a $45 monthly membership fee.

Questions are free for all users, and you can text or audio chat with a doctor for a small fee of $ 0.49/day.

Overall, HealthTap is incredibly affordable and convenient for getting the medical care you need. And with its massive library of health information, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about their health and well-being.

Is HealthTap Legit?

HealthTap is one of the most popular websites for accessing health information and connecting with doctors. With its intuitive interface and 24/7 availability, HealthTap has become a go-to destination for anyone seeking trustworthy medical advice. But many people are still hesitant to use HealthTap because they worry it might not be legit. However, nothing could be further from the truth. On HealthTap, you’ll find a team of highly qualified doctors licensed to practice medicine in their respective fields.

Moreover, a robust peer review system in place allows users to rate and review each other’s posts, ensuring that only the highest quality content makes it onto the site. So if you’re looking for reliable medical information online, HealthTap is undoubtedly one of your best options. It provides accessible and evidence-based content from real, licensed doctors and gives users valuable insights into the latest medical trends and practices. Thus, when it comes to trusted healthcare information online, there’s simply no better source than HealthTap.


If you’re feeling under the weather and need to see a doctor fast, HealthTap can help. You can get real-time advice from an online doctor without having to leave home. Just log on to the HealthTap website or app and enter your symptoms. Within minutes, you’ll have a list of qualified doctors who can help diagnose and treat your illness. Plus, HealthTap offers discounts on prescriptions and other health services. So if you’re not feeling well, don’t wait—see a doctor today with HealthTap!

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