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14 Hobbies That Can Help You Earn Big Bucks Before Christmas


Want to have the best Christmas trip of your life? Or else want to enjoy the spirit of Christmas being home watching the marathon of Christmas movies? Well, whatever you choose, you need money.

So, in this blog, we are listing down those hobbies that’ll surely help you make money before Christmas Eve. So, that you can be the Merry ho ho hoSanta Claus to your family.

Tighten the seat belt because this journey will provide you with a chance to make your Christmas the best.

Hobbies That’ll Surely Help You Make Money Before Christmas

Let’s dive into a list of hobbies that will definitely rain out those big hefty bucks for you!

Mowing Lawn  

Cut your neighbour’s raffling bushes and grasses to earn some money in your free time. It is one of the safest bets that can be done in your spare time. One amazing fact, if your terms are good with your next-door buddy, how about a raise? Another datum, absorb the art of bargaining; this will come in handy in the future.

Making Handmade Cards 

Handmade cards are still in style even in 2022; it is associated nowadays with emotional quotient and care-like things. Guess what? The holiday season is about to begin after Halloween, so start creating cards and list them on your Instagram page. If you aren’t good with hand painting, try pro-created digital paintings. All you have to do is invest in a colour printer and see how many sales it can bring.

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Crafting Candles 

Pumpkin spice candles, hmm, the smell and fragrance of this candle indicate the freezing rough winters. This is one hot-selling Christmas gift item in Walmart that has created considerable bucks in the previous tenure. Go to your nearest craft store and buy candle wax, stencils, and a huge pint of pumpkin spice aroma diffuser. This lot can easily create a dozen candles of different shades and hues. Put your entire collection on Craigslist, and see what insane sale it can derive.

Baking Cookies 

No, we weren’t talking about girls’ scout cookies! Just bake the simple sugar cookie or the much-loved chocolate-chip one. Seeing the craze of Oreos, we can bet your oven-fresh one will be sold in a jiff. What say? If you debut in some country fair? A reasonable deal of sales can be made with ease. So keep looking at the dear old calendar for such coming days.

Yard Sale

Empty your wardrobe and don’t throw away those tight clothes that now haunt you. Plus, take a box and give it to your mum to dump all the useless things in the kitchen and other rooms. Secure a date and put the entire haul on the car boot sale. This will surely jazz up your pocket, and who knows, you might hit the jackpot?

Thrift Shopping Haul 

Have you seen Boss Girl? Well, if you do not, go right away and watch that NOW! That series will clearly give you inspiration on how dumpster drive and thrift shopping can make you a millionaire. All you want is a keen eye to be watchful for current ongoing trends that will make you up-to-date regarding all happenings in the fashion world.

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Selling Collectibles 

If you are a millennial, collecting those happy meal toys from Mcdonald’s must be your daring hobby. Those Grimace, Birdie, Hamburgular, and Ronald were characters that, as a kid, we used to love. But, now they are termed vintage and unique pieces; if you happen to have those, then consider yourself lucky, fellas. If you want to earn Christmas gift money so selling, those will make you a rich daddy.

Writing Resumes 

If you love to write and are good at creating in CV and resume, then why not cash that out? Be the CV maker in the UK at from your high school, and steady your hands in writing your buddies’ internship CVs. This will give you an insightful experience which will be great to take up this skill in the future. So, stand in the hallway and start self- advertisement now.

Designing Prom Gowns 

We are damn sure your social circle will be mostly of students and pass-outs ones too. The one thing common is that all get a dreadful panic attack when it comes down to prom. So, if you are good at designing clothes and know how to stitch well. Then my friend, this gig is for you, just put a social media post and make that public. So, the entire pupil clan can know you are available and approachable in the market.

Playing Video Games 

Are you a die-hard video gamer? Do you live and breathe Halo 5 or Mario Kart? So, hop onto Google and begin the searching now. You can easily earn hard cash by testing the game’s beta version. In this way, all the payer wants is feedback related to game handling and things like graphic interfaces.

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Walking Dogs 

Love furry pals? Well, this is one of the oldest and most harmless earning methods, which is deemed popular in western countries. Just give a word-of-mouth advertisement in your local area and Voilà! The clients will be running towards you. All this side hustle demand is to be full of patience and love for these chubby four-legged fellas.

Selling Photos 

If you are professional in clicking photos of the sunset and basic nature, then why not cash out this hobby of yours. This will be a fruitful investment that can easily make your bank account a quarter rich. Moreover, flicker and Pinterest are still alive; uploading pics there and seeing the metrics can optimize your click. Same, like what we have explained above in the CV writing service section.


This is one of the most demanding jobs that is grabbed swiftly by millennials and gen-z. The art this podium demands is good with the camera handling and knows basic video editing. These aspects will surely trigger the money-minting business. The popular handles are YouTube and Twitch, and prepare to embrace they pay a pretty neat amount per thousand views!


Gardening is one hobby that can make you earn decent, and it is environment-friendly too. If you have deep knowledge of understanding the biodiversity of tropical flowers, upscale that on the market. Planting a plant, nurturing it for a while, and then selling the buds is a profitable deed. Investing in this side business is a sure-shot deal.

To Sum Up

These above-listed hobbies are not just posted to fancy them out. But, they are indicating that you can’t be that broke teenager any more. So stop procrastinating and daydreaming, albeit start dreaming about how to make tons of crackling quids before Christmas.

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