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A Comprehensive Guide: How to Become a Notary


The role of a notary is an esteemed one, characterized by integrity, diligence, and a commitment to upholding the law. Becoming a notary is a path towards becoming a trusted guardian of legal documents and a witness to important life events. This article serves as an in-depth guide, detailing the steps, requirements, and insights on how to become a notary, ensuring that aspiring individuals embark on this journey fully prepared and informed.

Understanding the Significance: Research Suggests

Research suggests that the institution of the public notary plays a crucial role in the legal landscape. In Colombia, for instance, it represents a place where legality intersects with space, unveiling various mechanisms through which law is instrumental in shaping space and, conversely, how space influences the legitimacy of the law. This examination of the notary as both a physical and social space delves into the intricate web of interactions involving individuals (parties, lawyers, and public officials), non-human entities (seals, signatures, fingerprints), and legal practices (solemn oaths, deed creation).

The Role of a Notary

Before delving into the steps to become a notary, it’s essential to understand the significance of this role:

Legal Transformations: At the notary, private actions such as births, marriages, or property sales are elevated to the status of public acts. Through the solemn act of notarization, these once-private affairs become legal facts, shaping the legal landscape.

Consolidation of Legal Knowledge: Contrary to misconceptions that the notary is a space devoid of legal dispute resolution, it is a hub for the consolidation of legal knowledge. Here, crucial legal practices are carried out, contributing to the formation of individuals and the recognition of property rights. These practices also play a pivotal role in establishing the authority of the state.

The Role of the Instrument: The notary’s connection with the instrument (the sealed document) is significant, reflecting the importance of ideas such as “public faith.” These concepts enable notaries to detach themselves from the agency of the instrument, emphasizing the document’s reliability and authenticity. However, within these configurations lie inherent uncertainties that underscore the temporal and variable nature of the realities that notaries attest to.

Steps to Become a Notary:

Becoming a notary is a well-defined process that varies from one jurisdiction to another. However, there are common steps that aspiring notaries must follow:

Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set by your jurisdiction. Common requirements include being of legal age, having no felony convictions, and being a resident or legal resident of the state.

Education: Enroll in a state-approved notary education program, which typically covers notary laws, duties, and responsibilities. Some jurisdictions require passing an exam as part of this education.

Background Check: Undergo a background check, which is often a standard procedure to ensure your suitability for the role.

Bond and Insurance: Obtain a notary bond and, if required, notary insurance. This financial protection ensures that signers of documents are compensated in the event of errors or misconduct.

Application: Submit a notary application to your state’s notary regulating agency, paying any necessary fees.

Exam and Oath: If mandated by your jurisdiction, pass a notary exam. Afterward, take an oath of office, solemnly committing to fulfill your notary duties faithfully.

Notary Supplies: Purchase essential notary supplies, including a notary stamp or seal and a notary journal for record-keeping.

Commission Approval: Await the approval of your notary commission from the state. Once approved, you can begin notarizing documents.


Becoming a notary is a noble pursuit, offering individuals the opportunity to play a pivotal role in legal proceedings and the lives of those they serve. This comprehensive guide on how to become a notary has provided valuable insights into the significance of the role and the steps to embark on this fulfilling journey. Aspiring notaries are encouraged to navigate the specific requirements and regulations of their respective jurisdictions to embark on this honorable career path.

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