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How To Check If A Spotify Playlist Has Monthly Listeners?


As an artist, submitting your tune to Spotify playlists is generally one of these critical steps to growing your wide variety of streams and trying and discover new fans and listeners.

Doing so isn’t always an easy venture: many curators ask for a submission price to listen to your track, after which upload it to their playlist if they like it.

Those submissions have a price which you have to bear in mind on your budget and consider as funding. And as each funding, you need to ensure to get something in go back: actual streams from actual Spotify customers so as to like your music.

Our tool Isitagoodplaylist.Com provides quite a few statistics that will help you analyze a playlist earlier than filing your song, to make certain it has real listeners.

To make sure it’s no longer a fake playlist full of bots, … There is so much data to observe, it is not a clean challenge. Here is how I personally have a look at the information to apprehend if a playlist is ideal or horrific for specific music.

Top genres of the playlist

On the primary tab of the evaluation, “General Infos”, the primary fact to examine is the genres of the playlist. This list is constructed with the aid of contemplating the genre data from all the artists in the playlist, and it’s looked after so that the first genre is the one that looks the most.

The style of the playlist is important for two reasons:

It has to fit the style of your music. If it really is now not the case, the listeners are probably tempted to skip your song as this isn’t always what they assume. That approach has much fewer streams and is a bad sign for the Spotify algorithm.

There need to be a few logic in the playlist genres. If the playlist is going from pop to hip-hop to classical tracks too tough techno to deep house to lofi to … The effect can be large for all the algorithmic playlists, radios, …

The fans evolution

The fan count number is the only public metric given by using Spotify to measure how famous a playlist is. However, that is a totally horrific metric if we just observe it without more context.

A follower does not always manner a listener. The curator should have offered fake followers to boom the metric, to appear to be his playlist is a great one.

The fans ought to have followed the playlist a long time in the past, but do now not concentrate on it anymore. So a large follower count number isn’t usually an excellent sign.

On the other side, a small follower count isn’t always an awful sign: It’s better to have one thousand followers surprisingly engaged with the playlists, than 10,000 followers who in no way pay attention to it.

So instead of looking at the range, you need to observe the evolution. We record the fan’s records often for tens of millions of playlists and display this fact on a graph. In this manner you could without difficulty see if the fan’s evolution is official: it has to grow slowly, at a normal pace.

The graph above shows a fan’s evolution which seems respectable. It went from 4k to 35k fans in a duration of 18 months, with a steady increase.

On the opposite, the graph below suggests something you ought to avoid in any respect value: unexpected spikes and drops. It possibly approaches the curator selling fake followers.

You can wager that in case you get streams from this playlist, most of them could be from bots, which is something to avoid as well.

Listeners records from the Discovered On

For every artist, Spotify indicates a listing of playlists on which they have been discovered, which without a doubt method playlists from which they were given to listeners in the final 28 days.

In the beyond, one of these Spotify additionally displayed the number of listeners coming from every playlist but eliminated this fact some time ago. Too bad!

We use this Discovered On phase intensively in our analyses. Here is how:

If a playlist no longer appears in the Discovered On phase for any artist, it probable has (nearly) no listeners.
If a playlist appears inside the Discovered On phase from artists, the playlist probably has listeners.

To realize if it has many listeners, you may observe the number of monthly listeners from the artists (the greater the higher), and the Discovered On position (the closest to at least one the better).

Now let’s verify this very gross estimation by searching on the artists which might be in the playlist however do no longer have the playlist in the Discovered On section.

I most effective saved the final entries for our instance as I will use the handiest artists’ information however on the path you have to do the work for more than one of these artist.


There is a lot of information to the method, let’s recap the checkbox you have to tick earlier than filing your song to a playlist:

Does it make an experience for the listener if my tune is on this playlist? Look at the genres, reputation, and audio capabilities, …

Is the playlist official (no bots)? Look at the fan’s evolution and Listeners’ facts. Maybe use Stream records and Top town information as properly.

Has the playlist been listened to? Look at the Streams statistics if available, and the Listeners statistics.

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