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How to Connect Netgear Router to a New Modem – Quick Steps


Have you just replaced your internet modem but don’t know how to connect it to the existing Netgear router? Don’t worry! This post will help you connect Netgear router to a new modem. To be honest, the process of connecting the router and the modem is nothing less than doing setup. However, creating a physical connection between both devices with the help of an Ethernet cable will remain a part of that process only. Therefore, don’t confuse the physical router-modem connection for the final connection. Read on to understand the process more closely.

What to Do Before Netgear Router and Modem Connection?

Before you decide to join your newly purchased modem to the Netgear WiFi router, be very sure that you have customized its settings from the end of your ISP. The reason is that you won’t be able to connect your router to a non-configured modem.

Apart from this, you will also have to reset your Netgear router back to the default factory mode. You must know that if you proceed with the connection without resetting the router, it will try to run on the settings of the previous modem that do not exist right now.

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Therefore, you should insert a paper clip or a pin in the Reset hole of the router and press the button present inside it. The button is supposed to be held for 15 seconds. The moment the lights on your Netgear router gain stability, you can conclude that it is all set for the connection process with the modem.

How to Connect Netgear Router and New Modem?

Mentioned below is the breakdown of steps explaining how to connect a Netgear WiFi router to a new modem. We suggest you get your hands on a working Ethernet cable to establish a physical connection between the devices. Furthermore, ensure that you have two working wall sockets available. Once done, follow these steps:

  1. Create LAN Connection and Power Up Your Devices

You are first of all required to make an Ethernet connection between the router and modem. So, pick the Ethernet cable and insert its first end into the Netgear router’s WAN i.e. the Internet port and other into the modem’s LAN 1 port. The connection ought to be finger-tight and the cable must be non-damaged. After that, you can power up your devices. Be sure that you switch on the router after the modem.

  1. Access

Once you are done creating a LAN connection between your Netgear router and the new modem, switch on your PC and connect it to the default network of the router. You can find the default SSID and password of the Netgear router on its label. After connecting to the router’s network, you should launch an internet browser on the PC and access In case the not working error message shows up, take the help of the router’s default IP.

  1. Log in and Follow On-Screen Prompts

The last and final step in the process of connecting the Netgear router to a new modem is WiFi router login. For this, you need to input the default password and username of the router into the given fields on the page that appears after the successful assessment of the router login IP or URL. Clicking the Log In button followed by the default login details entry will take you to the Netgear Genie dashboard or the router’s Status page. There, you will have to specify a few settings on which you want your router to run. Thus, follow them and finalize the connection process.

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The process of connecting the Netgear router to a new modem is completed here! Now, you can reconnect your client devices to the network of your Netgear router to regain internet access.

The Final Thoughts

Many users replace their existing modems due to several possible reasons. But, what they find difficult is to connect the Netgear router to a new modem. Since we’ve highlighted all the important steps involved in this process, we assume that you will be able to complete the connection process without any hurdles.

After that, make changes to the default settings of the router. In other words, change its admin and WiFi password. Furthermore, install the latest firmware version to prevent connectivity issues in the future.

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