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A Guide About Snapchat Premium

snapchat premium

Premium snapchat is nothing that you will get on the play store or on any store online but you do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to tell you what is snapchat premium. 

Snapchat Premium – What Does it Mean?

Premium snapchat is when a person sets up a premium account for themselves on the platform, which in simple words means that they share content in exchange for cash. 

However, premium accounts are not officially recognized by the Snapchat platform so the owners of the premium account need to figure out the transaction method on their own. 

Get Snapchat Premium on Your Device 

Now, that you know what premium snapchat means we are going to tell you how to make a snapchat premium so that if you want you can get an account for yourself. 

So, these are the steps that you are required to follow if you want to get a premium account on snapchat. 

  • First, you have to open a snapchat account, and then click on the icon of your profile which you will be able to find at the top left corner of your screen. 
  • When you will press on the profile icon you will be able to open the profile page also, after which you will be able to see a golf-tinted banner below your name, where you are supposed to tap the banner. 
  • Now, you are required to select which type of subscription you are looking for, whether you want a subscription for one month, six months, or a year and then you can tap on the start 7-day free trial button. 
  • Now, depending on your device, you have to sign in to your account whether it is a Google account or an Apple account or you can also link a debit or a credit card.

Once the payment is done and completed, a menu will be presented in front of you which will explain the features you are going to get after getting the premium snapchat account, which also allows you to either turn each feature off or on. 

Stop Subscription on Your Account

If you want to stop the subscription on your account you can click on the gear icon which is at the top right corner and then on the snapchat+ option following which you are required to hit on the manage your subscription option. 

A page will be opened for you where you can cancel your snapchat premium account of yours whenever you want. 

Snapchat plus or premium is available for users in many countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, etc. 

This feature will be expanded and will be made available for users in other countries also in the future. 

Lastly, we believe that the steps and the particulars which we told you about Snapchat plus were constructive and helpful for you, and using this information you were able to create a premium account for yourself on snapchat.

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