Thursday, November 30, 2023

How To Use Customer Database To Attract Business Audience


Customer databases facilitate the detection of business opportunities through their micro-segmentation. A customer database is a type of virtual warehouse that brings together a significant amount of data from a company’s customers and serves to simplify information management, saving time and work.

A database allows data to be grouped in a single place, and makes it easier to share it among the members of a company, allowing the organization of the activity to be improved.

Today, we will tell you some ways to intelligently take advantage of your customer database.

Create an audience

Cross-selling is a marketing strategy that seeks to convince consumers to buy complementary products to those they were already purchasing.

Many companies choose to send emails focused on cross-selling to those customers who have already purchased a product from that brand in the past.

Generally, the idea is to show personalized recommendations of products that users buy next to the main item, or other products that the consumer might also like considering their behavior and the items they have already purchased previously.

A good way to promote the sale of complementary products is to offer them as a recommendation of products that combine, either by style or colors: In this way we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, thinking about what may interest them.

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Create a lookalike audience in Facebook Ads

A good way to take advantage of the customer database is to create a custom audience from a list of customers, provide information about them, and then find similar Facebook profiles. That is, they match certain data such as location, age, gender, and so on.

You just have to add your customer list and create your custom audience in the ads manager. Once there, you can choose the identifiers you want to include. The more identifiers you include, the better the results will be.

This Facebook tool works both to create custom audiences for your ads, as well as to create a similar audience and find new people who match the behaviors and interests of your current customers.


Send weekly newsletter 

Sending a weekly newsletter is a strategy that can generate very good results if done correctly. This strategy is based on sending a newsletter (periodic publication) that brings together the most relevant and interesting news that your business has.

In a company’s newsletter, you can find a lot of valuable content about a brand: such as offers, special promotions, main news, and/or some free valuable content for subscribers.

The weekly newsletter is an easy and direct way to communicate with users each week. Among its main benefits, we find that this type of strategy has a very affordable cost since most of the platforms are free, in addition to helping to retain customers, and are very useful for SMEs.

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Customer databases are a very beneficial tool for companies because they can be used to find more users from other potential customers, segment audiences, and/or apply email marketing strategies.

For this reason, we hope that you can implement these 3 ways to use customer databases for the growth of your company. And you, what other ways to use databases do you know?

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