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How Will Egg Donation Affect My Body?


Donating eggs is a great way to help someone reach their family goals. People decide to donate their eggs for many different reasons, but it’s always because they want to help another family grow.

Donors may have many questions about how to give, which is only natural. Those who want to donate their eggs, in particular, often worry about how the process will affect their bodies.

Compared to surrogacy, in which a person offers to carry another parent’s child to term, egg donation has much less impact on the donor’s body, emotions, and time. But becoming a donor is still a big choice, and knowing as much as possible about it is essential.

Here, we’ll talk about some of the most important physical effects of egg donation, so you can feel good about your choice to help someone become a parent.


At the start of the egg donation process, you and your eggs undergo basic physical tests to ensure everything is fine. This can include a physical exam, an examination of the pelvis, and blood tests. The pelvic exam will be like the regular checkups you get from your primary care doctor or OB/GYN, and it shouldn’t be any more painful than a Pap smear.


Once you are matched with an intended parent, your doctor will give you hormone shots that you can give yourself at home. Most donors get used to the process quickly and find it easy to give their shots. Some people ask a family member or partner for help if it’s too hard. The shot is easy, and very small needles are used to make it as painless as possible. You might get a bruise or feel a little pain where the needle went in, just like when you get a shot at the doctor’s office.


During the part of the process where you get injections, your doctor will also give you regular transvaginal ultrasounds. This helps them keep an eye on how your eggs are growing so they can adjust the levels of your hormone medicine as needed.

This monitoring also helps lower the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), a syndrome caused by high hormone levels that affect a small number of women.

Even though the name “transvaginal ultrasound” sounds scary, the procedure is thought to be painless and less uncomfortable than a Pap test. Ask your doctor about the ultrasound procedure, so you know what to expect and can relax.

Egg Recovery and Egg Retrieval

Getting the eggs out is easy and usually only takes about 30 minutes. Your doctor will give you a light sedative or an anesthetic depending on your need. A small ultrasound probe is put through your vagina to get the eggs. Some donors have mild side effects like bloating and cramping after giving blood. We suggest you take the whole day after retrieval to get over the surgery and the anesthesia.

After the procedure, you will be too sleepy to drive home, and a friend or family member will need to take you home. Most donors can return to their everyday lives the day after the procedure. You may still have cramps or spotting for a few days after the process, but you should return to normal in a week.

Donating your eggs requires minimally invasive procedures that take little time to heal from and have no long-term effects. Each case is different, so you should talk to your doctor about all the details to ensure you understand any possible risks. Egg donation is a very personal decision, and we want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make the best choice for you.

If you’re interested in donating your eggs, you can start the process by contacting the Rite Options egg donation agency in the USA.

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