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Hybrid Events- Essential Things To Consider In 2022

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Hybrid events are the bridge between virtual and physical attendees. Hence, you have to make all the arrangements accordingly. In 2022, you can find a lot of features and functionalities that can be helpful in boosting the experience of your event.

Hence, here are the various things you can consider for the hybrid event in 2022.

5 Essential Things to Consider for Effective Hybrid Events in 2022!

5 essential things that can be helpful in hosting an influential hybrid event in 2022 are as follows:

1. Customizable Environment

Personalization is what makes your event yours forever. Hence, you need a fully customizable hybrid event live streaming service. Here are some features that can help you design your own hybrid events.

  • Standard Microsite: You can create a separate microsite for your hybrid event. It can be helpful in displaying all the information around your event. Furthermore, you can create a landing page and registration page where audiences can get all the information about your event and register in order to attend the event.
  • Custom Environment: You can get a completely customizable environment. Hence, you can design the complete lobby with appropriate background melodies and animated lights. It can create a physical lobby experience with such personalization options.
  • Browser-Based Solutions: Audiences hate downloading the app and software they attend a new event. Hence, you can get a web-based solution with the right hybrid events platform. Then the users can just click on the invitation link and join the event on their device browser.
  • DIY Booth Button: You can design every icon, name of the icons, and every other part of your virtual booth yourself. It creates a dynamic experience for the audience as they can come to your booth, get complete knowledge about your products and services, and contact your booth representatives in order to get more information.
  • Dynamic Banners Functionality: You can display various banners anywhere in your hybrid meeting platform. Also, you can integrate internal and external links to your banners for easy audience diversion.
  • Access Control: You can control the complete access to the paid and open sessions. Furthermore, you can restrict and allow the attendee access to a session without hassle with such an idea.
  • Document Download: Attendees would like to view and download all the content in order to gain more information about things. So, you can create a document library where you can upload all types of content that audiences can view and download.

2. Enticing Engagement

Engaging the audience is not easy. However, you can attain great success with the following features provided by the hybrid event live streaming services without hassle.

  • Gamification: You can engage the audiences with your hybrid conference platform with AR/VR games.
  • Clap/Hoot/Emoticon Reactions: Audiences can feel more involved in a live session with the clapping and hooting sounds. Also, they can share their experience with the emoticons provided.
  • Text and Video-Based Notifications: You can share various updates, announcements, and other essential information with the audience in real-time with the push notification feature. Hence, you can create text-based and video-based notifications without hassle.
  • Social Wall: You can integrate social walls into your hybrid events. It can be helpful in displaying all the social media conversations and discussions in real-time at your event.
  • Photo Booth: You can integrate the AR-based photo booth that can be helpful in engaging the audience with selfies using different backgrounds.
  • Leaderboard: You can assign various scores for the session. The audiences can earn them by exploring the diverse parts of your event.

3. Seamless Networking Opportunities

You can create immersive networking opportunities at your event with the following features:

  • AI Matchmaking: You can integrate AI matchmaking into your hybrid event platform. Artificial intelligence analyzes the user data and matches it with each other to find similar interests in the audiences.
  • Business Card Exchange: Audiences can exchange their business cards in a live event by requesting and approving the card exchange.
  • CXO Lounges: You can create a CXO lounge for your paid events, special delegate meetings, etc. It restricts access only to the VIP attendees who have registered for that session.

4. Multi-Format Communication

4 Ideas to boost interactivity to your hybrid events are as follows:

  • 1:1 & Group Chat: You can conduct a 1:1 and group chat. It can be helpful in texting and discussing various things during the live event.
  • Live Poll and Q&A Session: You can create live polls and Q&A sessions in your live event. It can be helpful in boosting the interaction and engaging the audience during a live speaker session.
  • Live Audio & Video Call: You can offer live audio and video call options for the audience who prefer calling to chatting.
  • Third-Party Integration: You can add various 3rd party apps and software to your hybrid event platform. It can be helpful in boosting communication opportunities, secure payments, event management, and more.

5. Detailed Feedback & Analytics

3 Ways you can achieve great feedback and analytics for your event are as follows:

  • Feedback Form: You can create a questionnaire for your conducted hybrid event. Furthermore, you can share the feedback form with the audience as an icon to click and fill. Also, you can make it pop up that appears as soon as the event ends. It can be helpful in taking live reviews and follow-ups from the audience.
  • Detailed Event Report: The hybrid event live streaming services will offer you a detailed event report that will include all the insights.
  • Attendee Footprint: The hybrid event services offer the attendee footprint that shows the complete activities of the audience at your event. Hence, you can know the most and least liked part of your event based on the time spent by the users in every aspect.

So, these are the various essential things that can be helpful in considering the hybrid event in 2022. You can achieve 100% success by choosing the best hybrid event live streaming service and making most of its features and functionalities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in considering various essential things in hybrid events.

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