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Know About the Lehsunia Stone In Relation to Ketu’s Effects


The Lehsunia stone is famously known as the Cat’s Eye stone around the world. This stone is called so because of its resemblance with the eye of a cat. The similarity between the two is uncanny and unbelievable. The stone shows a scientific phenomenon known as chatoyancy, according to which when a narrow bright light is shone on the surface of the stone, the stone reflects back light in a perpendicular way to the line of sight of the observer. Because of this, in the Lehsuniya stone, a slit is seen on the surface which looks like the slit of the cat’s eye and so resembles it. This effect makes the gem look quite gorgeous. But this stone is not just a beauty, it also have a lot of benefits. 

A natural cat’s eye gemstone is a precious gemstone and a member of the Navratnas (The nine powerful stones on Earth). This stone with its energies related to the universe and cosmos brings many powers to the person who uses it. 

These energies can be both positive and negative depending on your birth chart. Know more about it in the next section. 

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Astrological Significance of the Lehsuniya Stone 

The ruling planet of An original Lehsunia stone is the planet Ketu. In astrology, gemstones are stones with immense powers connected to planets, stars, and other cosmic energies. 

Ketu being the linked planet with the Lehsunia will have its effect on anyone who wears this gemstone. Ketu can be in a bad or good deposition in your birth chart. This planet is a planet of extremities in both ways. If it is in a negative position it will bring you so many problems, in all your good events. 

If you want to gain the positive outcomes of Ketu, wearing a natural lehsuniya stone is recommended. 

Bad Effects of Ketu 

The Ketu in a bad position in your Kundli can give you many disadvantages, bringing you bad luck. 

  • You can get into an accident and harm your physical self in a bad way. Also, it can be fatal or serious which may be a case of life and death. 
  • Mental illnesses can catch you. You can get into depression or any other psychological disorders. 
  • You may always feel weak, and tired. Also, you can have suicidal thoughts. 
  • It can increase your violent behaviors, boosting irritation and frustration-like feelings. 
  • You may lose your job, savings, or any property and get into much financial loss. 
  • Your relationships can also be affected due to the harmful effects of Ketu. 
  • It may cause problems in your business or any event you manage as well. 
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How to Remove the Ill Effects of Ketu? 

To remove the side or negative effects of the Ketu planet, you have to wear the Lehsuinya Ratna with proper procedure. First, you should consult an expert astrologer to know the auspicious day, and time to wear the stone. Also, you should ensure what metal you should wear the stone in and of how much weight. 

You can wear the Cats eye stone in the form of a ring, pendant, or bracelet. In these forms, the stone will always be in touch with your skin and so the energies will constantly be in touch with you too. 

Other Benefits of Wearing the Lehsunia Stone 

Removing the adverse effects of Ketu is the foremost but just the one benefit of wearing a cat’s eye stone. There are many other advantages that you will get by wearing this gemstone. Read them all here:

  • Enhances your communication skills and confidence 
  • Gives you mental clarity 
  • Makes you emotionally stable, providing you with a calm mind 
  • Increases your intellect, focus, and concentration
  • Helps in better digestion 
  • Heals headaches 
  • Brings you prosperity 
  • Maintains blood pressure 
  • Strengthens your lungs 
  • Cures mental disorders 


The cat’s eye stone or Lehsuniya stone is a mystical stone with many benefits. This stone protects you from the harmful effects of the astrological planet Ketu among its many other advantages. It keeps your mind calm, gives your intuition a boost to assist you in making better decisions, and turns your life optimistically.  

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