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Modern And Stylish Tissue Paper Boxes? Got That Covered

Looking for Modern and Stylish Tissue Boxes? We’ve Got That Covered

To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, tissue paper is preferred over other things. They are quite handy when it comes to cleaning your hands and face.

Be it an office washroom, any restaurant or your home, there is a place for tissue paper boxes that contain one-time use tissue paper. There is scope for style when it comes to tissue boxes.

You can get varied styles like a wooden box with a floral design, or a zig-zag marble pattern. The wooden street has some of the most decent collections of tissue boxes.

These boxes are designed keeping in mind your creative taste. These tissue boxes look innovative and trendy.

Be it a wooden box, a metal or plastic these boxes are just what you need. These boxes are much more common and are widely used in restaurants, offices or homes.

Benefits of Tissue Boxes

You might have overlooked a tissue box holder that contains tissue papers but have you ever wondered what benefits these boxes have?


The first and foremost use is the hygiene it provides. These tissues that are placed in tissue boxes are mostly meant for maintaining hygiene. You might have washed your hands in the washroom and then turn towards the tissue box for drying your hands.

There are plenty of tissue papers placed in the tissue box that a large number of users can use and maintain hygiene.


Got your hands dirty while eating at a restaurant? Or have you spilled some food on your clothes? There’s a tissue box available for your comfort.

This saves you from getting into an uncomfortable situation. So, we can say that tissue boxes are much more helpful when it comes to comfort.


A tissue box is something that offers convenience after washing your hands or removing dirt. You don’t have to wonder what to do and how to dry your hands or remove dirt.

It is something that is at your convenience when you need it the most. These tissue boxes rest in your washroom or at the restaurant table and provide the required convinience.

Types of Tissue Boxes

When it comes to tissue boxes, various kinds make them distinguished. Let’s have a look at some of the types of tissue boxes.

Hand made

These are the tissue boxes that reveal the artistic side and they are handmade. These are the types that are unique and classified. Woodenstreet has some of the trendiest collections of handmade tissue boxes.

Wooden Tissue Boxes

These are the most common types and they come in various styles. Like a wooden piece with floral or other artistic designs. They are easy to use and look attractive.

Metal Tissue Boxes

If you want something strong and durable then you can opt for metal tissue boxes. These are strong and long-lasting as well.


Tissue boxes have an important purpose and are a must in your office washroom, or home. Maintaining hygiene with comfort is what they are meant for.

The wooden street has a decent collection of tissue paper boxes available in various designs and shapes.

The usefulness of tissue paper can’t be denied and the tissue boxes that hold these papers also are equally important.

Available as a wooden tissue box, a handmade one or metal or plastic these tissue boxes are a must for your washroom or restaurant table.

Visit wooden street and browse through the widest collection of tissue boxes and get one home today!

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