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Professional Certified Translation Services

Our easy-to-use Price Calculator instantly allows you to get a quote for professional certified translation services. You can upload the document to our online platform to receive a non-binding quote and a time frame for delivery.

You will need to request the translation. Then, monitor the status of the document via our online tracking system. Once the document has been translated, the translator, you’ll be provided with an electronically-generated copy of the final document via email, in addition to the hard copy, which will be sent within two to three days. The Litigation will bear the cost of postage.

Get an individual quotation.

Translations of documents should be done in a way appropriate for their complexity, extent, and difficulty. Keep in mind that each translation’s cost will vary depending on the type of language used by the market.

Many certified translators are capable of translating the text into English or Spanish. Finding a skilled translator for languages less commonly used, such as Dari or Latvian, can be challenging. Translations will also cost more.

Certification of important documents

It is common to submit documents if you are interested in studying abroad or starting employment in a foreign country. Translations into English or another official language are require if the papers are accepted.

These documents vital documents issued by government agencies, educational institutes, or former employers. A basic translation will not suffice. A certified translation might be necessary in these cases.

To be accept for formal procedures, a certified translation must conform to the standards of the country of origin. It is essential to understand that only public and sworn translators authorized to sign off on a certified translation.

These variables have an impact on the price of certified documents.

Dimension of the document. The subject matter of the paper. Formatting and delivery date. Professional translation companies will calculate the cost per line of translation. This calculation includes spaces. It doesn’t just consider the lines of the layout as it was initially design.

For example, it would be unfair if many headings have less than 55 characters but are still count as regular lines. Instead, the translator divides the characters in the entire document by 55. This results in the number of lines standard multiplied by the cost of each line.

How can I order from Litigation?

Upload your file to our site and select the language option you prefer. Follow the instructions to complete the process. Next, select the document type and professional. Finally, choose whether or not you wish to validate the translation. The cost calculator will instantly calculate the estimated cost and provide you with an estimate of the fastest delivery time for your document.

On the next page, you will be asked for your contact information. Litigation is also an option. The next step is to choose the payment method that you prefer. You can select from PayPal advanced payment or PayPal credit card when you sign up for Litigation. Click “Complete Order” after you have confirmed the information and agreed to these terms, conditions, and privacy regulations.

Benefits of a certified translator

Semantix can provide a certified translation service so that you are confident that the document will be valid in the country where it will be use.

Force of law

A translation that is the legal equivalent to the original document.

Process specific to each country

It modified to comply with the requirements for certified translations in the country where the translation was use.

Where can I get my translation certified?

Litigation Online Translation Agency provides certified translations of all types of documents at very affordable rates. Upload your paper to our website for an instant quote and delivery times for your official translation. It’s the fastest and cheapest way to get a translation.

How will you deliver my translation?

The translation sent to the address you provided in your order form if it has been certified by a professional. Your translation will be deliver to the office on the agreed-upon date. The official document can take up to three working days to reach your door. You will receive an email notification once your translation has been sent to the post office.

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