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Smart Light Technologies To Look Out For In 2022


Smart Light automation is a bit of a catchphrase nowadays, especially among businesses and industrialists. They are focusing on integrating modern LED lighting technologies into their commercial spaces for better connectivity, data management, versatility, and energy efficiency.

No wonder smart lighting solutions are reigning in the smart lighting industry like never before! However, multiple trends are flooding the market. Thus, choosing among them can be a difficult task.

Through this write-up, we aim to let you know some of the best interior and exterior LED lighting technologies to explore in 2022.

Occupancy Sensors

One of the modern upgrades in the lighting industry is the incorporation of occupancy sensors. This contactless technology helps control the light automatically via scheduling and dimming by identifying sensory motions. Not only is it beneficial for cost and energy saving, but also contributes to remote or hybrid workplace management.

There is a huge demand for smart lighting controls in the market as it does not require switching on/off the lights manually. Therefore, the inclusion of occupancy sensor luminaires into the outdoor and indoor lighting systems is something to watch for.


Life fidelity or LiFi technology is actually gearing up in India. It enables light, not radio waves to transmit data between endpoints. It also gives a boost to overall security by penetrating luminosity through walls, alarming the management of unwanted intrusions.

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Furthermore, luminaires with LiFi technology are now being utilized by various organisations to have connected buildings and synchronous data at a central location.

Hence, investing in modern LED lighting can prove to be beneficial for companies that want to build a centralised and energy-efficient outdoor and indoor lighting system.

Human Centric Lighting

As the name suggests, Human Centric Lighting or HCL was invented keeping in mind the psychological and physiological aspects of humans. To be precise, it is directly associated with regulating internal biological clocks—circadian rhythms.

Furthermore, Human Centric Lighting mimics natural illumination, which positively influences our bodily functions. Employers install HCL luminaires into their commercial spaces to enhance the productivity, activeness, concentration, and health and well-being of employees.

Power over Ethernet

Another advancement to keep tabs on is PoE or Power over Ethernet Lighting. It features a smart and connected workspace by leveraging the analogue and digital controls to adjust and schedule lighting, wherever needed. Some of the benefits which come with installing PoE lighting systems are comfortability, daylight harvesting, and energy mapping. This is one of the technical lighting beasts to integrate into commercial spaces to bring innovation for employees to appreciate and be aware of.

Solar lighting

When talking about the latest smart lighting trends, solar lighting is a must-have lighting solution to make ample use of renewable energy sources from the Sun. Not only is this option sustainable, but it is very energy-efficient and healthy for the users. Plus, it will cause less light pollution and contribute to the betterment of the environment.

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Solar street lighting is one of the most preferred types of solar lighting in India. The government also takes into account solar-powered street lighting solutions over traditional lamps to create energy-efficient cities and pave the way to becoming a developed economy.

Besides, all the abovementioned technologies are the best-in-class advancements to look out for in 2022. They are potent in creating a dramatic yet productive atmosphere and fulfiling the needs of the luminosity of different spaces within an organisation.

One can get such luminaries from some reputed smart lighting companies in India such as Wipro Lighting. They have smart lighting controls and fixtures including the latest to serve the best. You can explore their website to get better insight into the products in detail.

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