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How SMS Surveys Help You Get Real-Time Customer Feedback?

SMS Surveys

SMS is one of the most common ways to communicate with people easily. Using SMS surveys is cost-effective, quick, and easy, and they can reach a wider audience. In this day and age, almost every other person uses a cell phone and hence has access to its texting feature too. Irrespective of whether it is an iPhone, smartphone, or even a regular mobile, all of them include the SMS feature.

The SMS feature is common among both the younger and the older generations. Most people usually check their messages instantly or in a short time span of receiving them. Therefore, this method can prove useful in reference to customer engagement solutions for receiving feedback and reviews from people of all ages. SMS surveys have proven to be a successful tactic to get real-time feedback from customers.

Here are 4 features that help make this method useful.


Sending out SMS surveys physically to each and every one of your clients can seem practically impossible. To cater to this problem, you can coordinate your delivery platforms and point-of-sales with SMS survey tools. Once the status of the survey changes to ‘delivered’ in your delivery platform or POS, you can set off the SMS surveys using integration. This ensures consistent and timely dispatch of your surveys.


SMS surveys are even more convenient since they include the feature of scheduling them according to your requirements. You can plan the time and date of when you want the surveys to be delivered, and this feature will make sure they do. Moreover, you can even set delays to send your feedback messages.

In the event of waiting for the customer to review product quality instead of the delivery, a 3-day delay in sending the SMS would be ideal. This provides the client with ample time to use and experience the product. This will allow them to give genuine feedback consequently. Whereas, in reference to food deliveries or other services, feedback SMS can be sent within 2 to 3 hours. This gives the client sufficient time to experience the service or consume the meal.


A key feature to receiving authentic feedback is getting to customize the surveys and asking questions exactly as per your preference. To make it seem more genuine, you can white label it by including your company’s logo, brand name, and background, and setting up a sender ID.

Asking questions that follow logic helps the customers better explain their concerns. This in turn helps you to make effective resolutions. If they choose a certain option, you can add a follow-up question asking them why they specifically chose that. Moreover, you can even include a comment box to let the customers fully express their queries and opinions.

Furthermore, to further customize your SMS survey, including client names with the product they bought gives a more personal and superior impression to other clients. Additionally, you can even include placeholders for the clients. This will help you in assisting in embedding subtleties relevant to the delivery or order. Lastly, customization minimizes the need to draft a message physically every time by remembering and taking details from the previous ones.


To be sure of the receipts of your surveys sent, you can use the tracking feature. This feature not only helps keep track of all the messages sent but also helps you perform polls and surveys. It allows you to check the number of sent and received SMS surveys. Moreover, you even check the time they are sent, and the recipients of those messages. Furthermore, you can view if the review was viewed or responded to by the client or not.


SMS surveys ensure genuine feedback from real-time customers. This is so since this is the most common feature used by people from all walks of life. Familiarizing yourself with the key features helps ensure that you make the most out of SMS surveys.

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