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Spice Money Login – B2B Portal For Agents

B2B Portal for Agents

Before starting the process of registering on the Spice Money, it is important for you to register for the Spice Money Login on your registered mobile number. Once you have done this, you will be required to create a password between eight and fifteen characters, with at least one numeric digit. You must then confirm the password in the next space and click the proceed option. You can also go to a dealer and obtain a registration form. Fill it up carefully and submit it to the dealer. You will also be required to submit scanned versions of your documents with

Spice Money is a multi-purpose portal

Agents can use Spice Money to register for a variety of services. These services include IRCTC Booking, Financial Transactions, ATMs, Micro-ATMs, and Tours. Spice Money also offers a variety of periodic offers to attract customers. Agents can also receive a free ID and password.

Spice Money works with a bank’s agents and their clients to create a customized solution for each business need. Its mobile agent app solution eliminates the need for a separate IT infrastructure. It allows agents to use personal devices and is easy to deploy. Agents can use Spice Money’s mobile agent app solution to provide better customer service and faster turnaround time.

To become a Spice Money agent, all agents must first register on the official website. They will need a PAN number, voter’s ID, and a password. Once registered, agents can download the Spice Money mobile application to access their account information. Agents can also access their accounts through their web browser.

It offers online banking

The company is the leading rural fintech in India and is changing the way people bank. Its zero-investment model has helped the company reach one million Adhikaris in FY22, nearly double that of the previous year. Its network covers more than 90% of rural pincodes and 700+ districts across India and serves more than 100 million consumers.

The company has partnered with Amazon to offer its agents the chance to earn commissions from their customers. To sign up as an agent, visit the Spice Money website, fill out the form, and pay the registration fees. Once you are registered, the company will contact you to activate your account.

It offers payments via PAN card

Spice Money is the leading fintech in rural India, and one of the main reasons it has gained popularity is because of its ease of use. Spice Money has observed a problem with traditional banking outlets in rural areas. Not only are they difficult to find, but many of them also have multiple products and lack a distinct identity, resulting in low footfall and poor visibility.

The Spice Money app is designed for retailers and merchants. It allows customers to pay using a PAN card or QR code. The app also supports UPI Cash, which is a technology that allows consumers to transfer money without visiting a bank. It can be used to pay bills, make utility payments, and buy insurance. It also supports various cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and Aadhaar.

It offers commission rates

Whether you are an agent or distributor, the registration process is easy with Spice Money. Simply fill in the application form and pay a nominal fee to become an agent. You can also avail of the company’s free agent offer. Once registered, you’ll receive a Spice Money ID and password. You can then start working with Spice Money and earning commissions.

As a part of Spice Digital, an entity listed on the NSE and BSE, Spice Money is an online payment network that offers a variety of services to its agents. Through this platform, agents can provide their customers with banking, travel, electricity bill and other payment related solutions.

It offers mini statements

Spice Money offers its B2B agents a convenient online option for generating mini-statements. This service allows agents to receive and send money to any bank account in India through NEFT. It also provides the option to send up to Rs. 50,000 per month. It has multiple levels of authentication to ensure a secure transaction. The service also eliminates the need to visit a bank branch or stand in a queue to make a transaction.

Users can access the service by paying an ID charge. This charge varies depending on the type of ID. For example, an Agent ID will cost less than a Distributor or Master Distributor ID. The process is simple. All agents should visit Spice Money’s B2B portal and log in to their accounts. Next, they need to choose a bank, enter their Aadhar or mobile number, accept Aadhar Consent, and click the “Process” button.

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