Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Stargirl Season Three Could Explore Themes of Violence In a Murder Mystery Format


With Stargirl, Geoff Johns explored many unique ideas about the role of superheroes and how they affect normal people. As season three is prepping for release, more people are getting excited about its potential. Understanding what this series may offer is important for fans because it could highlight many unique facets and concepts about violence and its impact on society.

How Stargirl Reflects Superhero Violence

Like the best and most interesting superhero stories, Stargirl steps back from the excitement of its stories to ask questions about how all this violence affects the world. It does this by exploring the previous Justice Society’s destructive nature in its pursuit of villains.

While these earlier heroes were trying to protect society with their actions, their undeniable violence and even cruelty may have caused more problems than they solved. The argument for recidivism and its cyclical nature is explored. Do violent actions beget more violence from criminals and vice versa?

Stargirl’s current Justice Society attempts to step back from that violent approach and history to approach things with a more nuanced feel. However, it keeps running into its own history, with more violence occurring due to the actions of the previous generation of crime fighters and their cavalier approach.

This intelligent exploration of the theme of violence and the “sins of the father” has made Stargirl a unique and interesting platform for Johns. How could Johns explore this concept in season three? If early teasers are to be believed, there’s a chance that murder could play a big part in this storyline.

What We Know So Far

The only information many fans for season three was the term “frenemies” and its thematic connection to the series. However, a recent interview with Brec Bassinger aka Stargirl revealed the chance that this season could center on an unknown murder mystery that could shake up the Justice Society.

Stepping back from this revelation, it’s easy to see how Johns and his team could tie this idea into Stargirl’s themes of violence. Perhaps a member of the society is murdered, and the killer is connected to their history? Or maybe a member of the team murders someone purposefully or accidentally?

Whatever the situation, a murder mystery would fit right into the fun and open format of Stargirl. The show has welcomed many genre tropes and ideas over its first two seasons, and exploring a murder mystery would be a welcome change that would make the show even more fun and interesting.

Hyped for Season Four

Is it too early to be excited about what season four might bring to Stargirl? We don’t think so! A murder mystery could be just what this series needs to jump to a different level. And season four could explore many fascinating storylines, including examining the mystery in more depth and providing even more details about the wild and unforgettable universe that Johns and his team have created around Stargirl.

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