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The Best JPG to PES Converter for Android Users


If you’re an Android user who loves to embroider, you know that finding a decent converter can be a difficult task. There are a lot of options out there, however not every one of them are made equivalent. A few converters are too difficult to use, while others don’t create great outcomes.

In this article, we’ll explore the best JPG to PES converters for Android users. We’ll examine their features, convenience, and result quality. We’ll likewise give a few tips of the most proficient method to pick the right converter for your necessities.

What is JPG to PES Transformation?

Before we get into the best converters, we should explore what JPG to PES transformation is. JPG is a raster image format, while PES is a vector file format. This implies that JPG pictures are comprised of pixels, while PES files are comprised of mathematical equations.

At the point when you convert a JPG image to PES, the converter basically digitizes the picture. This implies that it breaks down the picture into its individual stitches and makes a file that can be perused by an embroidery machine.

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Why Convert JPG to PES?

There are few reasons for why you should convert a JPG image to PES. One explanation is that PES files are more adaptable than JPG pictures. These files can be perused by a more extensive range of machines, and they can be resized without losing quality.

Another reason for the conversion of these formats is that you can easily edit PES files. Image editing software is the best option to make changes according to your requirements. However, if you have a PES file, you can easily make changes using digitizing software.

Best Converters for Android

1. Stitch View Convert:

Stitch View Convert is one of the most famous converters for Android. It’s free to download and use, and it upholds an extensive variety of image file formats, including PNG, and GIF.

Join View Convert is not difficult to use. Simply import your picture, select the PES format, and click the “Convert” button. The converter will then make a PES file that you can save to your device.

2. Embroidery Viewer by Embroidermodder

Embroidery Viewer by Embroidermodder is one more option for Android users. It’s a paid application, however it offers various features that Stitch View Convert doesn’t, for example, the ability to review stitches and alter designs.

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Embroidery viewer likewise upholds a more extensive range of machine brands and models. This makes it a decent choice for users who have a particular machine in mind.

3. PRO Digitizing

PRO Digitizing is a more developed converter for Android. It’s a paid application, yet it offers various features that different converters don’t, for example, the ability to make special crafts and alter existing designs.

PRO Digitizing is likewise a decent option for clients who need to learn more about embroidery digitizing. The application incorporates various instructional exercises that can assist you learn how to make your own designs.

4. Embroidery Design Studio:

This is a paid application that offers a more range of features than Stitch View Convert. It permits you to convert JPG pictures to DST, EXP, and other embroidery file formats, as well as alter and digitize embroidery designs.

5. Embroidery Digitizing Master:

This is one more paid application that offers large number of features for embroidery digitizing. It allows you to convert JPG images to DST, EXP, and other file formats, as well as alter and digitize embroidery designs.

How to Choose Right Converter

While picking a converter for Android, there are few factors you’ll need to consider:

Convenience: The converter must not be difficult to use, whether you know about embroidery digitizing or not.

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Output quality: The converter must create top notch files that can be perused by your embroidery machine.

Features: The converter should offer the features you really need, for example, the ability to alter and digitize designs.

Price: The price of the converter should be not much high.


Converting JPG to PES with the above-mentioned converters is the best option. It can be a good method for adding your own custom designs to your embroidery digitizing projects. With the right converter, you can undoubtedly make great PES files that can be perused by your machine.

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