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The Most Popular Women’s Shorts Of Last Summer

The Most Popular Women Shorts Of Last Summer

Not everyone is a fan of shorts. It probably comes from the fact that, for some women, they are both one of the most challenging and accessible pieces of clothing to wear. You read that correctly. Shorts are quite, honestly, not for everyone. However, the go-to choice is those who can properly execute a look that shorts fit. 

In 2022, shorts became a trending item. Blame the pandemic if you’d like, but all that time spent in self-isolation forced most of us to take stock in our wardrobes and rediscover the functionality of shorts. 

What Makes Shorts So Versatile

Shorts have changed a lot in the past year. They are available in various lengths and fabrics. The most surprising thing about shorts is that some styles give you a flattering silhouette. Plus, with varieties ranging from belted and pleated shorts to linen and denim shorts, the possibilities for inserting shorts into your outfit are endless. 

What makes shorts work best is that they look great paired with just about anything. Imagine shorts with thigh-high boots or white sneakers. Picture them with a crop top or white t-shirt. Shorts are the new trending must-have clothing item you can purchase at an online store

Trending Women’s Shorts

According to Sanctuary, today’s most prominent trends in women’s shorts are Bermuda, hiker, denim cut-offs, and boyfriend shorts. Here is a closer look at each of these types:

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts have been around for a long time. Consider these classic shorts as dress shorts so they fit into many different settings that you may not otherwise wear shorts. In addition, the cut on these fall between one and three inches above the knee. Bermuda shorts typically have a baggy style that can hide thick thighs. However, they are comfortable to wear and come in either flat or pleated styles.

Hiker Shorts

Hiker shorts are usually about as long as Bermuda shorts but consist of a more rigid and durable material. They appear large and have a waistband for a belt. Hiker shorts are intended for outdoor activities but have become suitable for daily wear. The design includes several large pockets perfect for carrying items such as a wallet, cell phone, or keys.

Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Another type has been around for quite some time and never seems to go out of fashion. Denim cut-offs are essentially an old pair of jeans with legs cut off them. Length varies depending on who does the cutting. What makes these a fashion trend is that the cuts are rarely perfect, and if left to fray, they become more stylish. These are best suited for casual wear.

Boyfriend Shorts

The boyfriend shorts are baggy and loose-fitting shorts easily worn in casual or semi-casual settings. Some have waistbands, but they typically have buttons and zippers. Boyfriend shorts are usually made of denim and extend to the thighs. They are purposely distressed and oversized to project the image of a pair of shorts “borrowed” from a boyfriend.

Other Trending Women’s Shorts

Other fashion trends taking flight in 2022 in women’s shorts include prints and patterns that are bold and loud and mod shorts and biker shorts. Let’s look closer at these trends.

Prints and Patterns

Women’s shorts in 2022 are sometimes loud and sometimes calm and relaxed. That means you can expect to see shorts in various colors that span the spectrum. The same goes for color combinations. In other words, there is no such thing as too bright or unusual. For example, camo is extremely popular as a pattern on women’s shorts. Who knew?

Mod Shorts

If you can picture the colors and patterns of the 1960s, you will get an idea of mod shorts – funky, psychedelic, far out, and cool. If these words come to mind when you see a pair of shorts for women, then you will know that you are looking at mod shorts. They match up well with solid color tops like a white t-shirt or gray crop top. Be careful not to overdo the colors if the mod shorts have an involved, colorful pattern. 

Biker Shorts

There are two very different types of biker shorts. The tight-fitting style with no pockets but extra padding in the seating area is known as road cycling shorts. Mountain biking shorts are baggy in design, have two or three pockets, and are a blend of spandex, nylon, and polyester. Both types have graduated to regular wear.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of what types of women’s shorts are trending this year, you may reconsider your position on shorts altogether. Remember, they are comfortable and cool and can be paired with many other pieces in your wardrobe to create short sets. Short sets are currently on a vast trend wave, and you can ride that quickly by adding more shorts to your closet.

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