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The Significance of Sleep In Keeping A Healthy Lifestyle



Sleep is a natural part of life, an essential function, allowing the body to recharge at night and stave off diseases. Sleep experts say an adult requires around 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. 

Lack of sleep can cause our days to feel hectic, experience problems at work, experience disruptive relationships, and affect the way we react to situations. It is imperative to get into a regular sleeping pattern and lifestyle pattern because your internal body clock needs to be healthy.

People who try to lead a healthy lifestyle have things to do about lack of sleep and other sleep disorders. There are plenty of natural remedies like Relaxium Sleepthe neurologist formulated sleep aidto get you into a good cycle. It will require diet too, maybe some changes to your bed and even your pillow – see what King George III did!

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Good Sleep Routine?

Sleep helps us in many ways. We need it for:

  • Growing – In children and young adults, healthy, deep sleep supports growth. The growth hormone is released by the body during deep sleep. When a person becomes deprived of sleep, they can even experience neurological problems like hallucinations and mood swings. Studies in animals have shown scientists how deprivation of sleep can shorten your life. Remember, important work is being done while you sleep.
  • Healing of brain cells – As a baby, sleep is needed to help build the brain’s infrastructure. When you are no longer a baby, sleep’s primary purpose moves from brain-building to brain repair and maintenance; this continues until the end of your life. Without this clearing out and decluttering, the brain would become seriously ill. Nearly all brain repairs occur during sleep – that’s what Van Savage, a UCLA professor says. Another scientist, Poe, said, “Sleep is as important as food. It’s miraculous how well sleep matches the needs of our nervous system. From jellyfish to birds to whales, everyone sleeps. While we sleep, our brains are not resting. A good night’s sleep is excellent medicine,” Poe says. “And it’s free.” 

Fortunately, there are natural top sleep-aid supplements today that can benefit people too.

How Does Sleep Affect Our Lifestyle?

Just for starters, lack of sleep makes you grumpy with a foggy mind. Lack of it affects your memory, your sex life, your health, and your looks. Did you know that being deprived of sleep was what caused some huge historical disasters? Look at the 1979 nuclear accident that happened at Three Mile Island. What about the Exxon Valdez oil spill and Chernobyl.

Here are 4 reasons to show the importance of sleep:

  1. Accidents happen when you are drowsy while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsiness from lack of sleep causes 100,000 auto crashes every year and 1,550 deaths from crashes in the USA. 
  1. Depression and anxiety can set in when you don’t get enough sleep. The most common sleep disorder, insomnia, has strong links to depression. A study of 10,000 people in 2007 showed that those with insomnia suffered from depression five times more than without insomnia.
  1. Lack of sleep ages your skin. It turns out that ongoing sleep loss can lead to lackluster skin, dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, and fine lines. 
  1. Losing sleep can make you gain weight. Lack of sleep seems to have connections with increased appetite and hunger, even to obesity. One 2004 study says that those who sleep for less than six hours a day had a 30% more likelihood of becoming obese than those who slept longer hours.

What Schedule Will You Choose So You Sleep Better?

Your body needs to have sleep-time and wake-up time consistency. Sleep experts say that when you hit the pillow at night and wake up the next morning at the same time, getting into that good schedule helps you fall asleep faster and wake up more easily. So what’s the best schedule for you, you might be asking? Everyone has a different natural rhythm when it comes to sleep and lifestyle, and behavioral factors come into play too. Because everyone is different, here are fantastic tips to help you find the best sleep routine that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you know if you are getting enough sleep? – If you’re getting the right amount of sleep you need, you’ll feel awake and alert all day long. You shouldn’t be battling to keep awake at 3 p.m., says one sleep expert on the importance of sleep. You still need to be with it, alert, and clear-thinking. Another good hint that you are on track with your sleeping routine is if you feel sleepy before bedtime.

Do cellphones affect your sleep? – The blue light coming from your cellphone screen prevents the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone controlling your circadian rhythms. 

Are sleeping tablets a bad idea? – Natural sleeping aids like Relaxium Sleep work best if you use them for a short while as you make lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, adults who take sleeping pills consistently over their lifetimes could be nearly four times more likely to die earlier compared to those who do not use prescription sleeping pills. 


The majority of Americans seek help for their eyes that refuse to close at bedtime. Millions of dollars are spent on devices and pills to combat sleep problems and help insomniacs find the right path to Slumber-Land. 

Unfortunately, continued uses of sleep-inducing drugs bring about a trance-like state rather than genuine sleep. Sometimes, the insomniac can’t remember how many tablets he took and reaches for more with disastrous results. Pathologists have concluded that a combination of alcohol and barbiturates can often produce a fatal drop in blood pressure. Another important thing to do is to check that you do not have too much salt in your diet that causes you to lie awake at night. 

In years gone by, a hops-pillow would have done the trick – this was considered as one of nature’s top sleep-aid supplements. People may sleep on a pillow filled with hops for its sedative effects.  
Lessen your screen time before going to bed. Do stick to a regular sleep schedule to combat sleep problems and improve your quality of sleep!

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