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The Top 5 Newest Scanners To Help Your Business


Scanners make life easier for businesses in many ways as they expedite the logistics of getting information into the hands of others. They are able to get important documents, such as medical reports, for instance, into the appropriate hands, even in time-sensitive scenarios. New versions of scanners are constantly coming to the market, each designed to help with today’s business needs. Fujitsu scanners, for instance, handle the world’s toughest imaging challenges.

Choosing the Right Model

Choosing a scanner depends on the job that needs to be accomplished. Some scanners are good for light work in an office setting, like scanning job orders, instructions, or other important documents. Others are meant to handle heavier loads, such as chapters in books or other longer format scans. Still, others simply communicate data, the better to monitor and track products.

Different Types of Scanners

There are several types of scanners on the market. The most common is the flatbed scanner and this model is geared toward everyday office use. It has a flat surface for screening with a flat cover that must be lifted, at which point the document to be scanned is inserted. It’s perfect for scanning books, magazines, or educational content that tends to be bulky.

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In a flatbed scanner, the surface upon which the scanned document rests is glass. Beneath the glass is the scan head, which moves under the glass to perform its task. These scanners often come with sheet scanners for feeding multiple sheets of paper, rather than one at a time.

Handheld scanners are effectively used to read barcodes. These are often used in retail or in the warehouse to keep track of merchandise. When the barcode is scanned, the information about it can be viewed or updated. When you buy a soda or candy bar at the convenience store, the clerk likely scans your product into the system, at once charging you for it and also updating that inventory’s status on the shelf.

Feed-in or sheet-fed scanners are efficient but limited because they only scan paper documents. This is because they only have a feeder tray that takes in the paper from the tray. These are excellent for scanning official documents or instructions.

5 New Fujitsu Scanners To Investigate

1. Scansnap iX1400

This Scansnap model provides fast, double-sided scans with up to 40 pages per minute. It has a 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF) and features simple and reliable USB connectivity.

2. fi-8170

This model is capable of fast, double-sided scanning of up to 70 pages per minute and features 100-page ADF.

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3. fi-7300NX

Easy to share and manage, this model doesn’t need much training. It securely scans data to cloud locations with the touch of a button.

4. fi-800R

This versatile scanner has an ultra-compact footprint. It is capable of scanning envelopes, passports and IDs, all without a carrier sheet.

5. fi-8270

This model prevents paper jams through sound and image detection. It scans documents up to 7 mm, including IDs and pamphlets.

The new Fujitsu fi-8170 is an efficient model, reliable and made for demanding workflows but there are many models to choose from, depending on your business’ scanning needs. Visit an online office supply store today to check out the latest in scanners that can help your business run smoother tomorrow.

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