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Till When Does The Closest 24 Hours Grocery Store Remain Open In India


Doing groceries is a frequent task in everybody’s life. Without groceries, our household cannot be run a single day. So, it is very important to keep on buying the grocery items we need. But sometimes, mostly due to work, we do not get enough time to visit a grocery store at the proper time. So, we need to find a store that is open at some odd hour. The good news is there are some grocery stores that remain open 24 hours. These stores can be helpful for you. Are you looking for your closest grocery store that is open 24 hours? Then this article is for you.

The Importance of a Grocery Store 

A good grocery store has great importance in our life. It is a one-stop solution for our grocery problems. We can find almost all types of groceries there as dairy products, food items, cleaning materials, toiletries, fruits, juices, vegetables, meats, and many more. So, we do not need to visit multiple shops to collect all these. It saves time and also the discounts we get in grocery shops save money. Sometimes we need to visit multiple small stores to find a single item that is not much available in the market. The grocery stores are always full of the groceries we need. They keep fewer available products as well. So, we do not need to waste our time and energy searching for grocery items.

Working Hours of Many Grocery Stores in India 

Most grocery stores in India are working for a limited period every day. Their working hours start in the morning and end in the late evening. They mostly perform between 6 AM- 11 PM. Almost all of them are closed at midnight. They even stop their online grocery delivery from late night till early morning. So, buyers need to buy their groceries while the stores are operating. This causes a lot of trouble to people who forget to buy their things within the grocery stores’ working hours. It is troublesome for people who have long working hours as well. Even most of the online businesses offer their services for a limited time. These are some renowned grocery stores’ working period details in India:

Name of The Grocery Store  Opening Time Closing Time
Big Bazaar 10 AM 10 PM
Reliance Smart 10 AM 9 PM
DMart 8:30 AM 9:30 PM
Star Bazaar 9 AM 10 PM
Vishal Mega Mart 8 AM 11 PM
Aadhar Super Mart 9 AM  8 PM
Metro Cash and Carry 6 AM 10 PM
Easyday Club 7 AM 10 PM
The Bigmarket 8 AM 10 PM

So, as we can see, even most of the leading grocery stores in the country are not available 24*7. Due to this, you can find it very hard to get groceries whenever you want. But no worries there are some grocery stores in India that are working for 24 hours. These stores are keeping all kinds of grocery items necessary for your household. So, you do not need to keep rushing from one store to another at midnight. You are going to find the list of these 24-hour open stores below.

The Grocery Stores That Are Open 24 Hours in India 

  1. 24Seven: 24Seven is a 24-hour open grocery store in India. It is a big store with all the essentials. It is operating 24*7 and it is made clear by its name. 24Seven has its head office located in Delhi. The store is available in many of the leading metros in the country like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Jalandhar, Ludhiana etc. In Delhi NCR it is available at 120 locations. It offers free home delivery. They also deliver cooked meals to people. 
  2. The New Shop: The New Shop is established with some new ideas for convenience shops. They are available 24 hours and also 365 days a year. It started its journey in March 2019 and gained continuous success after that. They are selling snacks, juices, cold drinks, home care products, personal care products, pet care products, tobacco, bakery products, confectionery, ready-to-eat food items, over-the-counter drugs, and many more. The New Shop’s head office is located in Delhi. It is performing in multiple locations like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, etc.
  3. AMPM Store: The AMPM Store is another 24-hour working store in the country. The AMPM store sells all kinds of grocery items. It is a cooked food store offering pizza, burgers, soft drinks, Maggi, etc. They perform as a takeaway counter and online food delivery service. They also work as a grocery store that can also deliver the products to your doorstep. AMPM Store is currently working in Karnal and Hyderabad. It is available at Begumpet and Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. It is soon to be open in Ludhiana and Jalandhar.


1. How late does my closest 24-hour grocery store remain open in India?

Ans: The 24 hours open grocery stores in India are open throughout the day. You can visit them or order from them whenever you want. 

2. How to find the closest 24-hour open grocery stores in India? 

Ans: You can search for your closest 24-hour open grocery stores on Google. These stores are listed on Google. If you are looking for a branch of the above-mentioned grocery stores then you can also visit their websites to locate their nearest store to you.

3. Is it safe inside the 24-hour open grocery stores at night? 

Ans: 24-hour open grocery stores are 100% safe during the night. Even you can visit them at midnight. They have CCTV cameras all over their place. So, no worries!

India has many 24-hour open grocery stores to meet your midnight grocery needs. Some of these stores are also offering midnight home deliveries. These options are super facilitating for you. And these stores are 24*7 safe for their customers. They provide awesome discounts on grocery products that will help you save money as well. Already these stores are available in every big metro city. And it is hoped that such stores are going to increase in number soon, too. 

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