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Tips for Logo Designers: Getting Ideal Clients & Creating Great Work


At first, a freelance creative professional may seem like a cool job, and a career which is adventurous, and rewarding, but also at the same time, competitive and tough. Yup, Freelancers can wake up anytime they want, and sleep anytime they want.

However, the problem is that they are concentrated on generating leads, designing and producing the best result that they often miss out on the bigger picture. The bigger picture means if their work is allowing them to reach their ulterior objective in the creative and professional realm i.e. can they achieve their creative and professional objectives?

If they are not able to do that, then they are in luck. It is never too late to make a change or some amendments to tactics. In fact, freelance creative professionals can conduct a series of simple changes to make sure they are on the right track.

Six tips for freelance creative professionals that can help them attract the right clients and obtaining the work they desire

A lot of people might actually disagree, but in reality it is true. Experienced industry professionals and industry experts will be sharing their insights today. They will be sharing the handy tips which freelancers in the creative design domain can utilize to get the right clients and the right kind of work:

  • Cleaning up the portfolio.
  • Optimizing the ‘About me’ section.
  • Updating the rates timely.
  • Emphasizing on honest reviews.
  • Meeting the desired clientele at where they are.
  • Working smart instead of hard.
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Cleaning up the portfolio

The portfolio is the first impression a potential client sees when it comes to the freelancer’s quality of work. It even gives them a sneak peek into how they work. Freelance designers need to remember the last time they checked their portfolio. Yup, they need to clean it up and present the work that is credible.

If they checked it last year, then they need to clean it up, and present work that is really worth the buck. Uploading the latest designs, best pieces of front pages, high quality thumbnails, and each project described aptly, that is a checklist worth following.

In terms of the designer’s portfolio, quality is the main emphasis instead of quantity. No prospective client wants to go through 200 pieces of work. They need to see only two pages of completed work that is the true representative of the freelance designer.

Optimizing the ‘about me’ section

The designer’s work is their visual representation of their persona (personality too). The ‘About Me’ section is where the work can be described along with the designer, in a way that it connects and there is a flow. That very section also explains the kind of work they are looking for along with anything else a potential client should know about the designer.

That section is like an introduction. It is brief but captivating. The designer can talk about their experience as a creative professional, their specialization, linking out to other works completely, exhibiting their personality, and stating in clear words the kind of work they have done and wish to work on.

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If they wish to work with, say architecture, then they should be an architecture designer wishing to make floor plans and other things. If they are logo designers for fashion brands, then they should mention they wish to work for fashion brands in logo design and vice versa.

Updating the rates timely

Clientele understands a designer’s worth and they are the ones a designer desires to attract. Similar to fixing the portfolio, freelance designers need to update their prices, and it might take some time but it is worth considering updating.

Here are some things to consider when updating the rates:

  • The current level of experience the designer has.
  • Rates of other freelancing designers.
  • The cost of software and tools the freelancer uses.
  • Current economic outlook.

Whenever the designer started freelancing, it might have been suitable to start with lower paid ones to obtain experience. Now that the designer has experience, it is best they update that.

Emphasizing on honest reviews

Word of mouth is an important thing for freelancers. Good reviews from past clients show prospective clients the worth of the freelancer, and they are worth hiring. Whether on LinkedIn, 99Designs, Upwork, Freelancer or elsewhere, a reviews section having positive reviews adds in the extra boost to credibility.

In fact, reviews come in quite handy especially if the freelancer wishes to enter a new industry or area of expertise. Those who are not experienced and need help wording their request, they can always consult experienced professionals.

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Meeting the desired clientele at where they are

Marketing can be clean and most successful designers self praise and promote themselves in one way or the other. No one needs to rent a billboard or go live on Instagram or Facebook, they can set up a social media account (Instagram and Pinterest) and share their successful work. 

If they have a public account on Instagram, then they can be easily followed. They should keep an eye out for communication which can give them work. Adding links to portfolios on social media platforms boosts the chances of getting good work.

Working smart instead of hard

It is a simple rule. If no one wishes to design logos for dentists and other undesirable businesses, no need to continue working for them. Freelancers at first need to accept everything coming their way. Yet once they get the experience they can get the right to choose their preferred work. If the project has little or no relation with their goals, they can discard it and go to the next one.

Instead, they should put their effort towards things that can help them get closer to their dreams. They can work to create objectives or enter a design contest that is worth the work, effort and time. Creating their own practice briefs using AI platforms helps them get experience in industries they find desirable.

Hence taking time out for research, watching tutorials, practicing new times, and following the tips mentioned here can help freelance designers be on the right track.


These tips may seem generic. Yet they are workable. Experienced professionals from a well known logo design company based in Downtown Dubai have compiled them based on experience as part time freelancers and from working with experienced freelancers too.

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