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Tips To Help Improve Concentration In Students


If there is one thing that is indispensable to multiple activities that students are a part of – it is concentration. Be it during a game, an art competition, studying for exams, attending a lecture, or preparing for school admission in Singapore, concentration is the most essential. It will help students ace what they do. With razor-sharp attention, one can achieve whatever they put their mind to doing. Unfortunately, not all of us possess impeccable concentration skills. We may start at our laptops one minute, and the next minute our minds may wander off to something completely different. Children are pretty much the same. And with the numerous distractions such as calls, PlayStation, social media, etc. They constantly refresh their feeds and see what’s happening around them.

Sometimes, they hear their stomachs grumble, they may get bored reading a long chapter, or they may feel sleepy. While there are so many distractions, concentration is something a student can’t do without when preparing for examinations or attending an IB program lecture. With a good level of concentration, students can retain attention for a long time, and it comes out wondrously in things such as winning a game or acing their tests.

With regular practice and willpower, students can focus without deviation and finish things without committing mistakes. It improves memory, ensures peace of mind, increases output, reduces the chances of errors, frees up one’s mind from random thoughts, fastens decision-making, and gives more control over the mind.

We understand that long hours of repetitive studying can lead to loss of concentration, but with a few tips, students can improve their concentration.

Pick a bright and decluttered place to study

Choose a room that is silent and clean, devoid of distractions. It will ensure you do not get distracted by things strewn all over. Keep the room well-lit, so you do not doze off.

Set targets and study with your friend

When you study alone for long periods, you may find that after some time, you are spending way too much time on every single topic. It happens because you lose focus as the process becomes monotonous. What took you ten minutes to understand and learn at the start of the study session is probably taking an hour. To get the same energy back, study along with a friend. You can set targets and time for each other to remain motivated and finish complex topics on schedule.

Eat and sleep well

Eating and sleeping well are essential for improving concentration. If you do not get a decent night’s sleep, no matter how hard you try, you will find it challenging to stay awake and be productive. The study session will become extremely futile and inefficient. Secondly, what you eat is critical. You will feel sleepy if you overeat oily food or junk food. Don’t distract yourself with snacks and other fast food while studying. Stick to eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fruits, and nuts.

Take short breaks, power naps, and meditate

If you sit in one place for too long, you may get tired. It is also unhealthy to remain seated in one place for long periods. Get up and stretch yourself or go for a walk every half an hour. Try and get some fresh air, go and stand on the balcony or take a walk around the house. Efficiency starts to go down if you sit for hours, so a little power nap or walk will do you good. Meditation improves concentration, and doing yoga boosts energy.

Make a plan and stick to your schedule

Not having a plan can wreak havoc on your mind. You may start with one topic and start worrying about the other – and end up doing neither of the two. The best thing to do is make a plan and allot a time slot for each topic. This way, you can prioritize, cover everything and not keep stressing. But make sure your goal is realistic and not too ambitious—a lot more time for tougher syllabi and less for easier topics.

Some other tips to improve concentration

  • Count backward from 100 to 1
  • Sit down in one place and stare at a candle flame for 10 minutes
  • Don’t try and multi-task, especially not while studying – give undivided attention to one thing at a time
  • Practice deep exhalation and Inhalation for a while
  • Choose a time that is best suited for you, don’t get influenced by peer pressure
  • Keep essential things handy such as your pen, notebook, water bottle, etc.
  • Don’t procrastinate and postpone your study plans

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