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Top 8 Best High Schools in Bangalore


Indian parents have long preferred CBSE schools because they believe these schools give their children the best chance for academic achievement. Despite the world’s rapid change, CBSE has worked nonstop to advance and expand its methods to make them more applicable to its students. The best school in Bangalore offers a selection of board substitutes. However, there are several valid reasons to enrol your kids in a nearby CBSE school.

Curriculum Followed in the Top High Schools in Bangalore

Let’s start by outlining the CBSE board and the educational framework it has created. This approach is widely used throughout the world, including in India. A framework was created from first through twelfth grade to prepare students for impending competitive exams. As a result, both co-curricular activities and a child’s overall engagement in regular school activities are given equal weight in this educational system. This board supports cutting-edge teaching strategies in a setting that prioritizes students.

This curriculum has been followed by Indians consistently for the past 50 years. To ensure consistency between the current form of education and the new, rising twenty-first-century techniques that involve giving a pupil healthier learning. Nearby CBSE schools in Bangalore offer the CBSE programme. The CBSE program strikes closer to home while providing the student with the opportunity to learn more global concepts. It is because Bangalore is seeing an increase in students from over 25 different ethnicities who come to Bangalore to obtain a solid education.

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Here are some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore:

Global Indian International School (GIIS), Bangalore:

In addition to a strong CBSE curriculum, GIIS is the best school in Bangalore. Since it provides campus area facilities, a diverse environment, and a thorough education program that focuses on every aspect of a student’s development. As a result, your child is developing crucial 21st-century skills like communication, logical analysis, cooperation, and self-assurance in addition to academic brilliance. The Global Indian International School may be the best CBSE school to select when deciding on the top school in Bangalore for your child.

New Horizon International School:

An international secondary school called New Horizon International School educates pupils from all around the world. The most recent project under the aegis of New Horizon Educational Institutions is New Horizon International School. To deliver education that satisfies or surpasses international standards, NHIS was formed. It is committed to nurturing entrepreneurs, artists, and trendsetters as well as bringing out the inner talent in every child. The mission statement of NHIS is “A Global Education Rooted in Indian Values,” and it aims to develop knowledgeable individuals via value-based learning.

Jain International Residential School:

Jain International School was established in 1999. The university offers some of the best resources available to learners and is stretched out over 300 acres. The CBSE, IGCSE, and IB curricula are used at Jain International School from classes IV through XII. The school is renowned for its all-encompassing approach and has top-notch extracurricular activities and sports facilities. It makes one of Bangalore’s best CBSE institutions. With regard to academic achievements, the school encourages a diverse and interconnected environment.

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Yelahanka’s Presidency School:

In Yelahanka, Bangalore North, PSBN (Presidency School Bangalore North) is a distinguished CBSE school committed to assisting your children in realizing their best potential. As a result, we not only impart knowledge to your child but also foster natural curiosity and a drive for success in them. After all, a happy life involves more than just academic success.

New Horizon Gurukul:

One of Bangalore’s finest universities, New Horizon Gurukul, is committed to the total personality development of its students. At New Horizon Gurukul, instilling fundamental principles is just as significant as providing modern instruction. Both indoor and outdoor activities encourage physical growth and excitement. The Marathalli-based New Horizon Gurukul, which is affiliated with the CBSE Board, is a sizable and well-equipped facility that offers a stimulating and academically intensive environment.

JSS Public School, Banashankari:

JSS Mahavidyapeetha was established in 1954. The Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Mahavidyapeetha has been described by several well-known educators as being bigger than a university because children can begin their education in preschool and eventually get a degree or a doctorate in a range of areas. Similar to this, the Mahavidyapeetha has not disregarded the necessity of bolstering the roots of our historical knowledge, ethics, and traditions, as well as their application in contemporary life.

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HAL Public School:

A co-educational high school in Bangalore with CBSE accreditation, HAL Public School uses the CBSE curriculum. With grades ranging from LKG to Std. XII, the school is managed by the School Management Board. A group formed under the Karnataka Societies Act, 1960. English is the language of instruction. One of Bangalore’s most esteemed CBSE schools is HAL Public School.

BGS National Public School, Hulimavu:

Pontiff His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadaranatha Swamiji of Adhichunchanagiri Mutt founded the BGS NPS after years of arduous struggle to advance the international education system. The Sri Adichunchanagiri Education Trust manages more than 350 educational institutions, including medical and engineering schools. BGS National Public School, a division of the Bangalore, Karnataka-based Sri Adhichunchanagiri Shoshana Trust, is affiliated with the CBSE. It debuted on June 22, 2006, and provides education until grade 12.


It would be a good idea to enrol your child in one of the closest CBSE schools in Bangalore. It can be challenging to choose the best institution for your child.

The top schools in Bangalore offer a dynamic educational environment that tries to enhance students’ physical prowess, creativity, social skills, and extracurricular activities, which lessens your problem. Give us a chance to help your child take their first steps and develop their wings.

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